March 29th and 31st are crossover games.  They will be playoff nights for the bottom 12 teams.

April 5th and 7th are playoffs, and the higher seeded teams will stay on their own night (the top 8 tuesday teams play the bottom 8 thursday teams on tuesday, and the top 8 thursday teams play the bottom 8 tuesday teams on thursday)

April 12th: Sweet 16 and Quarterfinals

April 14th: Semis and Finals

April 21st: Bowling Ball Awards Gala

7 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Between the two of you, I’d say the Doctor has a better chance of holding a trophy come April 21st. Hungus’ll be starting a new category this year: “Bowl Portland’s Biggest D-bag”.

    1. We are definitely not teammates anymore Droolie……..he could also start an award for you “Bowl Portland’s Biggest Choke Artist”……

    1. Wondering where you are going to be drowning your sorrows after your week 1 loss? I’ll tell you what. I’ll buy you a beer at the bar.

      1. ha-ha, that was good, that made me laugh out loud…’s the deal head to head person with the higher per game average buys the other a beer, so if one of us only rolls two and one three then it is the first two games we average, you in Natro?

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