Injury Report

Lots of teams here practicing this week.  Expect tomorrow to be a sea of BoPo warmups as folks are frantically trying to polish up their swings.  A few injury upadtes to affect your betting lines:

(Bowling Name TBD – Steve, Team Micaela): Doctors have diagnosed a partially torn elbow ligament, I diagnose big trouble for Team Micaela.  Jarred is a good player, but like Micaela this is his first BoPo action.  SauPo is tested.

Karl Hungus, B.E.E.R: The naysayers were right, he couldn’t stay away.  Has started throwing normally, saving the wrist but damaging the scores.  Also, calf cramping.

Oolie, I.B.S.: He seemed to think it was no big deal, but he did note the onset of a throwing hand pull.  Worth keeping an eye on.

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