Tuesday Lines

Quick note – Thursday out drank Tuesday handily, despite my helping Tuesday night.  Nice work Thursday!  Step it up, Tuesday.

Game of the night

(8pm) #13 Sweet Rolls (-5) vs #18 Don’t Give Up The Shipyard: The Sweet Rolls looked great in week one, posting a 14-1 win.  D-GUTS finished strong, and changed names, and got signed.  We’ll see which one keeps up the momentum.

6pm games

#16 UREA! (-9) vs Balls of Fury: UREA! was the big surprise of week one, posting their first franchise shutout.  All that with only four players and a partially injured captain.  Now they may keep it rolling against the expansion Balls of Fury.

#3 Team Micaela (-7) vs #15 Pinups: The Pinups are back in the top 20 despite a loss, but they may be in some trouble this week.  Team Micaela lookes sharp in their opener.  Stevie Strikes ignored doctors orders and risked a season shutdown by bowling righty, and Gutterboy was as advertised.  The big surprise was Jimichanga, who looks like a rising star.  And he’s the chef at Bayside Bowl!

Gutterballs (-3) vs Incredibowls: Incredibowls are missing two players to a honeymoon, and Boston seems out of sorts ever since losing the Media finals.  I’ll take the Gutterballs to get their first win.

#12 Strikes of Hazzard (-2) vs #14 White Whale: Great shirt matchup in this one.  White Whale continues the DHD tradition of dandy threads.  The Hazzard boys just did some subtle tweaks to a classic.  Mabel will lead them to a close win.

#17 Roll Another (-11) vs Three Livers: Three Livers has fallen on hard times bowlingwise.  But they do BoPo proud with their partying.  Roll Another tries to build on a big week one victory.  Three Livers needs to get them drunk.

8pm games

#8 Saucy Posse (-5) vs #20 Pud’s Taxi: SauPo put up a nice fight against Team Micaela before collapsing in the third game.  Walter averaged over 200 for the night.  Pud’s is having wild roster upheavals, but they look sharp.

#12 Irritable Bowl Syndrome (-7) vs Lesbowlians: Oolie can’t hold a ball, but his team rolled well while he traded online barbs with Dr. Thunder all week.  Tilt-A-Whirl is off to another good start, but she’ll need some help.

#6 Binga’s (-7) vs #19 Bowlderdash: Not the cakewalk this matchup would have been in years past.  Bowlderdash is steadily improving, and Binga’s is in makeover mode.  Easier to do when Jerk rolls over 200 every time.

5 O’s (-1) vs Madbotts: Should be a compelling game.  Madbotts get their captain here, and Madgirl should inspire them to a closer result.  The 5 O’s will be drinking early and often.

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