Draft League Teams

Congrats to Gutterboy on going 1st overall!  Also, nice work Captains on already pulling off three trades.

T Square: Gutterboy, T-$, Coco, El Hombre Durro, Peanut Gutter

Big Red: Double Cheese, Bustah, Barry Violet, Rufio, Snapshot

E-Minor: Tso, Dwayne Luther, Hot Pocket, Mona Laudley, Bubbles

Slow Roll: Hungus, Cookie, Chernobyl Layne, Probie, Rick Vaughn

Hot Sauce: Walter, Mr. Stiffy, Shithawk, Ali-Lujah, Fern

Dr. Thunder: Natro, Dentist, Space Farmer, Knuckles, Luka

Dick L: Bama, Yao Romo, Ralphie, Redonk, Two Koops

Pauly Ringwald: Precious, Roadhouse, Bora Bora, Marne Asada, Lt, Striker

Nuber: Oz, Deputy, Tilt-A-Whirl, Sasha Northfield, Sweet Creamy Gutter

Valley Girl: McStriker, Gutterslut, Jewdy, Rollin Maroney, Whitty

McQueen: Pistol Pete, Uncle Jesse, Tron, Beaujolais, Naughty Boots

Inv Hand: Tom Smallwood, Sea Town, The Munj, Herk-A-Leez, Sherry Balljammer

Diesel: Jamaican Jerk, Tango, Windiesel, Hexy, Samsquamptch


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