Week 1 Draft League Lines

Well, we’re back. I don’t know much about these teams yet, even names.  So, just taking some stabs in the dark.  Hey that’s a decent team name if anyone’s still looking.  Here’s my preseason rankings:

1: Get Fresh Crew

2: E-Minor’s Team

3: Diesel’s Team

4: McQueen’s Team

5: Dick’s Picks Vol. 2

6: Hot Sauce’s Team

7: Nuber’s Team

8: Supah Deep

9: Pauly Ringwald’s Team

10: T-Square’s Team

11: Big Red’s Team

12: Valley Girl Jess’ Team

13: Invisible Hand’s Team

5:45 Games

Big Red’s Team (-3) vs Valley Girl Jess’s Team:  Double Cheese is in the spotlight again going 3rd overall in the draft to Big Red.  Bustah and Rufio! are some strong running mates, Barry Violet made the finals last year and Snapshot went way too low.  Jess’ team has a lot of unknowns, with three non-BoPo players.  Guess she doesn’t like you.

Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 2 (-1) vs Supah Deep:  Dick’s has the league’s first doubleheader, and look like they could open with a win.  Bama is an ace, and the Romo/Redonk duo will put up some scores.  Plus Ralphie is on fire.  Slow Roll’s squad is Supah Deep, but we’ll see how they handle the early season rooftop sessions.

Get Fresh Crew (-3) vs McQueen’s Team:  McQueen’s team actually looks pretty good, with 2011 Draft League killer Pistol Pete back to his right hand.  That said, The Get Fresh Crew is stacked (on paper) and start the season as favorites.

T-Square’s Team (-5) vs Invisble Hand’s Team: Hmm, weird one.  Gutterboy and T-$ are an impressive one-two punch though.  Plus they traded for Knuckles.  The Hand’s team will need a monster season from Tom Smallwood.

8:00 Games

Nuber’s Team (-1) vs Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 2: We will find out over the season if there is an advantage or disadvantage to playing the doubleheader.  I’m guessing Dick’s squad wears down by game 6.  Nuber’s starting four with Oz, Deputy and Tilt-A-Whirl is top shelf.

Diesel’s Team (-3) vs Pauly Ringwald’s Team: How Diesel got Jamaican Jerk with the 13th pick is an unexplainable mystery.  Jerk will go on a take no prisoners respect tour of the league, and is my preseason pick for MVP.  Pauly’s squad looks very good, but this is a tough opening draw.

E-Minor’s Team (-3) vs Hot Sauce’s Team:  Hot Sauce has a squad that is familiar with each other, pretty sure they’ve all played together before.  That could come in handy over the course of the year, but probably won’t matter in week 1.  E-Minor’s team is another favorite, with Dwayne Luther, General Tso, Mona Laudley, Dill and Bubbles.


8 thoughts on “Week 1 Draft League Lines

  1. Last night yet another reminder that Draft League is Bowl Portland on steroids. Hats off to McQueen’s team pulling out the 8-7 win despite our 660 team average. Hootie was off the hook (McQueen commented that is what happens when folks enter into relations with him), and Tron seems to be back gunning it around 19.26.

    Shake and Bake will be back!

    Yeah that just happened!

    Roll S&B!

  2. My predictions for week 1:

    Dick’s Picks (-15) vs. Up in Smoke: The Pickers take these shit apples down because the only pins they will be hitting are on the roof before and in between games.

    Dick’s Picks (-15) vs. Nubes Boobs: The Pickers run right through these shit weeds because Nubes and Oz are called home before the game even starts by Peanut and Honey Bunny because they have to walk their Golden Doodles.

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