BoPo 2013 Season Preview: Teams 15-11

Now we’re getting into it.  After today the top 10 will be released one team a day.

#15 B.U.I. – 2nd Season; Captain – Snapshot; Division – Thursday A

Here’s an interesting team.  They are a bunch of Wednesday leaguers who made the leap to BoPo last year and had a very successful first season.  Last year they were initially led by Duchess, but she surrendered the Captaincy mid-season and has since left town.  Now Snapshot has the reins, and he is coming off a breakout Draft League season.  They picked up the new terror of the Smack board Hexy who has been grabbing bowler of the week honors quite frequently.  I believe they also return Happy Feet Pete and Prancer.  They have a lot of good pieces in place, but do have a lot of changes to adapt to.

#14 Nutz – 4th Season; Captain – Herbie; Division – Tuesday A

This is the first Tuesday A team to show up on the list, and as such they could face a pretty challenging regular season.  Herbie and Bustah provide some strong options at the top of the lineup, and Peanut is clutch veteran who bowls big when she needs to.  I believe they return The Silver Fox, Salty Nutz and Fuzzy Nutz.   Deez Nutz used to captain this squad before moving to No-Eye-Deer, but even without him they’ve held onto their Nutz moniker.  This is a good squad that will play a very difficult schedule.

#13 Balls Of Fury – 3rd Season; Captain – Bacon; Division – Thursday A

These guys flew under the radar until an amazing playoff game.  They had the lead on Back in Black in the first round with two frames left. Ultimately they fell, but they had made a statement.  Now their top two players are BoPo names, E-Minor and Hot Pocket/Dill.  Bacon has done a good job developing this team quickly to the point they could have an outside shot at a Thursday A crown.  There are rumors of some roster shakeups beyond the top three, but I will reserve comment until that’s confirmed.

#12 Cunning Linguists – 2nd Season; Captain – Col. Angus; Division – Tuesday A

Given the Captain’s name and team name hit on the same theme, this team is very popular amongst the ladies.  They like to dress up, they like to dance, they have a sweet logo.  Between Pauly Ringwald, Gutterslut, El Hombre Durro and Windiesel they have a lot of Draft League experience.  Of course La Gatita may have taken one season off but she’s a lock to perform at a high level.  Col. Angus himself is their wildcard – when he has a big game they can beat anyone.  If he or EHD can roll consistently behind Pauly and Slut, given their talent on the lady side they could win a good number of games.

#11 Strikes of Hazzard – 5th Season; Captain – Uncle Jesse; Division – Tuesday A

Playing these guys?  Get ready to relax.  But don’t take it too easy or they’ll steal your lunch on the lanes.  Uncle Jesse is a veteran Captain who always has a good handle on the pulse of his team.  Deputy is their ‘league bowler’, he can play with the top guys in the league (though he does have a weird tendency to hang out at Yankee).  Mabel may be out this year with the new baby Jesse.  Luke and Cooter will be expected to add some better bowling to their strong hanging out skills.  These guys stretch games out, savoring every minute of league play.  It can work to that advantage against a team in a hurry.

7 thoughts on “BoPo 2013 Season Preview: Teams 15-11

  1. So who is left?

    Walkaways, Back in Black, OC, BEER, Bingas, Turkey Club, GOB, TDYOB, LOS, who else?

  2. I have to say that I’m not so sure about the Linguists being in the #12 hole. These guys were right there in the end last year, and everyone on that team puts a lot of time in. Pauly, GS, EHD, and Gadita are a strong 4 and Win and C.A. aren’t to be taken lightly. Missed the mark on this one Hungus. I’d have them at a strong #7 or #8.

    Ass kissing moment of the Linguists over… End Scene.

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