Thursday Results

Young & Bowled 8 B.U.I. 7

Lovernauts 14 Bad News Spares 1

Bowlderdash 12 Lesbowlians 3

Yay! 15 Snakes On A Lane 0

Happy Hands 10 Roll Another 5

Clockwork Orange 8 Guacabowle 7

Cape Fear 11 Sweet Rolls 4

Guns of Brighton 15 I.B.S. 0

TDYOB 11 Pinny Candy 4

Wrecking Balls 8.5 Five O’Clocks 6.5

One thought on “Thursday Results

  1. You know my steez. On the microphone you know I’m the best yet, some punks ain’t paid their debt yet. Now I’m sick, fed up with the bullshit, don’t fret I’m giving you the verbal clip.

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