Tuesday Lines

Relegation:  Quick BoPo rules note.  We are going to be sticking with this 4 division format for future seasons.  Each year, the top team in each ‘B’ division has the option of moving up to ‘A’.  If they exercise that option, the bottom team in ‘A’ will move to ‘B’ division that season.

Game of The Week

5:45 #5 Back in Black (1-0)  -1 vs #1 Sons Of Danarchy (1-0): Yeah, S.O.D.’s game of the week again.  They withstood a 4-1 opening game from LOS to win 11-4.  Now they get Stevie Strikes and Co.  B.I.B. all played below average (except Gutterboy’s Mom) but still escaped with an 8-7 win over a solid Binga’s team.  That’s bad news for S.O.D., as Stevie Strikes is not going to rest with a 160 average and should have a monster week.

Early Games

#3 Still L.O.S. (1-0) -5 vs # 9 Off Constantly (0-1):  Could be a tough start for OC in 2013.  They got smashed 12-3 by XXX Club in week 1 despite bowling well themselves.  Now they run into another juggernaut – L.O.S. with Precious back (I think).  L.O.S. looked good in an opening week loss, Cheese was in midseason form and Mr. Stiffy reminded us he’s still good.  Now with Precious back they could run the table.

#18 Nutz (0-1) -1 vs #17 Strikes of Hazzard (0-1): This should be a close contest between two teams who both really need it.  The Tuesday A division looks to be a serious grinder, so getting wins when you can is vital.  Both teams are at the bottom after one week in terms of average, and even with a long season ahead this is a big one if either team hopes to get something going.  Deputy was in top form last week, Bustah will try to keep up with him.  Uncle Jesse needs a bigger week, but I’ll go with Nutz’ depth in a nailbiter.

#10 Cunning Linguists (1-0) -1 vs #6 B.E.E.R. (1-0): This is a big opportunity for the Linguists to make their mark.  B.E.E.R. won in week one with their new team but certainly looked vulnerable.  Their best score came from Filthy McNasty, and he looks like he will be missing this match.  B.E.E.R.’s best hope stems from the fact that they may be transitioning to a women-led squad.  The Linguists already are that with La Ga back to form in her Bayside re-appearance.  Pauly Ringwald is a strong bowler, and Gutterslut will find a way to at least one really big score.  If. Col. Angus catches a couple more strikes, the Linguists will roll.

Late Games

#14 No Eye Deer (1-0) -3 vs Pinups (0-1):  No Eye Deer looked like an A squad in week one, posting an impressive 640 average.  Now they lose Shifter for a month.  Luckily for them there is a bye week in there, and their first non-Shifter game is against a Pinups squad that got off to a tough start.  Donzarelli will take over as top dog for now.  The Pinups lost their first game with Beaujolais as Captain, but former Captain Big Ern had one of his best weeks ever without the pressure of being in charge.  Silky Pete can battle Donzarelli.

ICBING (1-0) -3 vs Splits Happen (0-1): Is Fabio for real?  The ICBINGer got off to a 192.5 average after one week.  That’s basically 40% of the team average.  Splits Happen are breaking in a lot of new players and may take a while to get it all together.  They’ve got a shot as their team average is not far off their opponent.

#2 Turkey Club (1-0) -3 vs #7 Binga’s (0-1):  The Club put up otherworldly scores in week one in an apparent reaction to feeling disrespected in the preseason chatter. Now they get a chance to knock off another former BoPo champ in Binga’s, though it would be remarkable if they maintain that average.  Binga’s played great without Tso, but ultimately fell 12 pins short.  They need those pins from Chernobes and PB&J.  This is the only late A game, and should be a good one to watch.

Incredibowls (1-0) -1 vs Saucy Posse (0-1):  The Incredibowls find ways to win.  Lately the Saucy Posse find ways to lose.  That makes this prediction pretty easy, even though their team averages are almost identical.  Hot Sauce needs to get into beer frame mode, and Walter needs to put the posse on his back as he is the top bowler in this match.

Three Livers (1-0) -1 vs D-GUTS (0-1): Bernie points out that Three Livers is 6-0 on opening night.  That’s usually where their streak ends, but they’ve got a real solid shot to double up on it this year against D-GUTS.  The GUTS played without their captain in week one and kept it close, but they will all need to bowl better to pull this one off even with his return.






4 thoughts on “Tuesday Lines

  1. Buster eh….. doesn’t he know I’m too pretty to lose, doesn’t he know I’m the greatest in the world, I just can’t possibly be beaten. Looking forward a early Tuesday shoot out big fella it’s on like Donkey Kong.

    1. That’s what I’m talkin bout. Good, clean, smack. No ghost-posting “Nutz Watcher” bullshit. Word. Binga’s bout to get smacked so hard they’re gonna wish it was ’09.

      1. Quite tuggin’ at his nuts. Par at best. Yours, on the other hand, was less than adequate. Lame smack plug after boasting anothers work, way to go smalls.

        Karl, great move on relegation, very premier esque.

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