Thursday Lines

Game of the Week

5:45 #4 YAY! (1-0) -5 vs #11 Cape Fear (1-0):  Cape Fear made some roster changes with the goal of moving up a level this season.  Well, here’s their chance to make an early statement.  Hot Pocket got off to his usual fast start, and he’ll need to repeat that this week.  E-Minor will also need a strong game.  Yay! cruised in their game.  You never know which one of them will go off, but they always have someone going over 200.  They are a deep squad and should be able to hold off this early challenge.

Early Games

Clockwork Oranges (1-0) -5 vs Bad News Spares (0-1):  Still waiting on the Spares to break out their new baseball unis.  The Oranges held off a game Guac squad last week and have a good look at a 2-0 start.  Riggs off to a solid start as Captain as he breaks in yet another batch of new players.

Bowlderdash (1-0) -5 vs Wrecking Balls (1-0): Somehow the Wrecking Balls pulled off a win last week with six scores under 100.  They’ll need a better performance if they want to start 2-0.  Bowlderdash was inspired by Captain Michael Bowlton’s return tot he league with a hambone.  They should grab another win.

#19 Lovernauts (1-0) -1 vs Roll Another (0-1):  This looks like a close matchup, as the teams are only separated by 9 pins in team average.  The Lovernauts have the momentum though as they won big in week 1 and are in the top 20 for the first time in franchise history.  We’ll see what wigs they sport this week.

Late Games

Guacabowle (0-1) -3 vs 5 O’Clock Somewheres (0-1):  Guacabowle has put in the practice time and it almost paid off with an exciting comeback against Clockwork Oranges that fell just short.  They should have enough to pick up the win in this one.  the 5 O’s also had a great rally that fell just a few pins short.  This game will be a fun, relaxed affair.

#16 B.U.I. (0-1) -1 vs #20 Pinny Candy (0-1):  A couple of teams coming off tough losses but still in the power rankings.  B.U.I.’s 8-7 loss may have been a bit tougher to swallow because it was so close, but they have a solid team.  Hexy should bowl up to her trash talk this week after being a little off in her BoPo debut.  Skittles also was off, but she’s been consistently posting big practice scores that have to show up in league some time soon.

#13 Young & Bowled (1-0) -3 vs Snakes On A Lane (0-1):  Y&B was psyched to have Lou Dawg postpone his retirement.  His enthusiasm (plus his back to back 170s) were the perfect backup to Pistol Pete’s big night to lead an exciting 8-7 comeback.  Snakes didn’t bring most of their regular roster, and their new guy went 3 games with a 68.7 average.  If they get their whole roster back they should be more competitive.

#12 TDYOB (1-0) -7 vs I.B.S. (0-1): Oolie and Thunder used to go at it on the trash talk board, back before Tango and Thunder.  Now Oolie has removed himself from the fray, but his team has moved to Thursdays where he will face off against Thunder’s team on the lanes.  Unfortunately their teams don’t seem too evenly matched.  TDYOB should cruise in this one.

#8 Guns of Brighton (1-0) -7 vs Sweet Rolls (0-1): G.O.B. is a Thursday elite squad and should only have a few particularly challenging matches.  This one doesn’t look like it should be one of them.  The Sweet Rolls are one of the last great house ball squads, and still sport the league’s fastest roller in Hot Tamale.  They can put a scare into the top teams now and then but this may be too tall an order.




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