Tuesday Lines

Reminder, we aren’t open until 7pm tonight.  Practice starts at 7:15, games start at 7:30.  Only 1 shift of games, and all 12 lanes are BoPo just like old times.

Game of the Week

#1 Back in Black (2-0) -3 vs #5 B.E.E.R. (2-0): Strangely these are the last two unbeatens in Tuesday A after just 2 weeks.   BIB has played a tougher schedule and won with just about the minimum possible (8 points then 7.5 points).  B.E.E.R. has more points but a lower average.  Stevie Strikes should make a strong comeback tonight, and Bama is coming off a sensational 726 series last week, plus a winning bowloff performance.  Hungus has been on a bit of a roll lately, and Natro has a new ball that seems to be treating him well.  They’ll need to be extra strong to make up for the lack of Filthy.

The Rest

Incredibowls (1-1) -1 vs ICBING (1-1): Both teams are 1-1, and both have exactly 15 points.  That said Incredibowls have about a 40 pin advantage in team average.  They have brought the controversial God of Thunder from media league and he has given them a boost, at least on the scoreboard.  ICBING hopes to have Fabio back, though he may sit out a few more weeks so he sees his name near the top of the stats.

#6 Binga’s (1-1) -5 vs Strikes of Hazzard (0-2):  Binga’s looks strong this year.  They lost 8-7 to BIB then steamrolled Turkey Club last week, and both times are leading the league in drinking.  Now we’ll see how they handle success as they play an overmatched Hazzard team.  Uncle Jesse’s crew needs to rally – though win or lose they will have a sensational time playing Binga’s tonight.  This game could go three+ hours.

#7 Turkey Club (1-1) -5 vs #12 Cunning Linguists (1-1):  The Club is on a yo-yo path to start the season.  They hope to keep that pattern just for one more week.  The Linguists are no pushover and are hoping to serve notice with a win this week.  They will need to step their game up a bit as they are 40 pins lower in average than the Club.

#3 L.O.S. (1-1) -9 vs #17 Nutz (1-1): The Nutz got a big win last night but are facing a very tall task tonight.  L.O.S. has it’s big guns together, sure, but the real surprise is the sensational start of Mr. Stiffy.  They crushed OC 14-1 last week and I don’t see them having much more difficulty in tonight’s game.

#2 Sons of Danarchy (1-1) -5 vs #13 Off Constantly (0-2):  The Sons have played the top two teams in the division so far and came out with one big win and one bowloff loss.  OC has played a pretty tough schedule too but has had a much worse result – getting outscored 26-4.  Nuber will try to put the team on his back with his new Black Taboo, but SOD is too deep for OC at this point in the season.  OC will be looking at 0-3 tomorrow morning.



17 thoughts on “Tuesday Lines

  1. Tonights looking like we’re going to get a beaten so I’ve gone back to some highly inspirational speech from my childhood….. It’s OUR TIME, our time to get super drunk son woot. Going to be a fun match up.

  2. BEER going up against BIB without McNasty? They must be more nervous than Thunder in game 3 of a 2 v 2 match.

    1. Ha-ha, that was good, my last one was a 188 against Deputy and Duke in a win progress, prior to that 143, 137, 165 in said game 3s, ouch that 158.3 avg ain’t cutting it……….

      Enjoy your loss this evening.

      1. Loss? Even if the Linguists had Pauly, we’d crush them. With him in Costa Rica, I don’t see this being an issue. Could be wrong, definitely wouldn’t be the first time, we’ll see. Expect that 200+ number to be bigger tomorrow.

      2. Yeah can’t see you getting 200s tonight, expect you to drop another 20 pins like you did last week.

      3. Tango throws another 200+ and Dr Thunder doesn’t.

        Wait, is that really news?

        I think Karl is retinking his choice for 2v2 partner…..

      4. There are only two people in the league that have higher averages than Thunder with no 200s. Dwayne Luther and Oz. As well as a bevy of people under Thunder that do have 200s.

      5. Please don’t use “troll” as a pejorative. It is demeaning and hurtful.

        It’s bad enough living under a fucking bridge.

      6. ^ posted under the wrong comment, but still hilarious. What shall I use then? Ghost-post isn’t abbreviated enough.

      7. Not a fan of Thunder, but at least when he calls out a team like he did last week with IBS, he and his squad go out and crush them.

      8. Wait, he called out IBS? Whoa! Hungus, not sure if you heard, but TDYOB beat IBS, they should be at least 3rd in the rankings. C’mon man!

        Joking aside, Thunder may have called out IBS, and yes, TDYOB crushed them, but let’s not forget that Thunder trolls this page more than anyone. In fact, unless Thunder is every “watcher” on here, a lot of people reading this troll the page. Could I have posted under “Cunning Linguists Watcher” and said we’d crush them? Sure, and none of you would’ve known who it was. My point is, unless you own your smack on here, it’s not smack, it’s bullshit. Far too many people hide behind fake names. Wanna call a team/bowler out? Use your bowling name.

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