Lil’ lines

Game of the Night

G.O.B. (7-2) -3 vs Cape Fear (6-3):  G.O.B. looked to be on a downward spiral but turned things around with a big comeback win over Body English.  Cape Fear meanwhile seems to be coming apart at the seams with everyone talking about leaving the team or changing the team or just being frustrated at the pins.  This in spite of the fact that they’re still bowling pretty well and E-Minor still has the top spot on Thursday.  He’ll get a great head to head battle with the guy who had the lead for the first 7 weeks, Mr. Pickles.  Invisible Hand seems to have rediscovered his game, and Hootie has become a consistent threat.  They have positive energy and momentum.  They should win unless E-Minor rolls a 700.

Other Early Games

Snakes On A Lane (1-8) -1 vs Sweet Rolls (1-8): I didn’t see these tough seasons coming for these two teams, but here we are.  Both of them still have a decent shot at reaching the tournament with Sunday Shootout wins.  I suppose there is some advantage to moving up a little in the rankings on Thursday A to get an easier Tuesday B Shootout opponent.

Happy Hands (7-2) -5 vs Bowlderdash (3-6): I’m not sure how they’re doing it but Happy Hands is cruising toward a division title.  Munj has been putting up 200’s the last few weeks to lead their scoring.  Bowlderdash looks to be headed toward the Sunday Shootout and a really tough road to the tourney, but they’ve pulled surprises before.  This would be a season saving upset if they could pull it off.  Dombomb and Michael Bowlton, the time is now.

TDYOB (5-4) -3 vs BUI (4-5):  Both teams are already in the tourney but this is key for seeding.  TDYOB is coming off a big win over XXX Club (one that may end up sending XXX Club to Thursdays next year).  BUI is on a 3 game losing streak (though they played pretty well in their loss to LOS).  TDYOB has the momentum.

TU – No Eye Deer (5-4) -1 vs TH – Clockwork Oranges (6-3): Great match, made more interesting by Shifter Pawl making his return to the lanes after two months of the Philly Tug.  The Oranges are still in the hunt for Thursday B, and look to have their best lineup in place for the home stretch,  but I think NED will get the lift from Shifter even if he’s rusty.

Late Games

Guacabowle (6-3) -5 vs Lesbowlians (2-7): Guacabowle has been the feel good story of 2013.  I’m not sure what they are putting in their opponents drinks but everyone keeps saying what a great time they have playing these guys, and 6 of the 9 teams are saying that after losing.  Pretty cool.  The Lesbowlians are looking for any boost they can get before a Sunday Shootout match with someone like Turkey Club or Nutz.

TU – Splits Happen (3-6) -1 vs TH – 5 O’Clocks (3-6):  Splits are locked in to the Sunday Shootout and they have a chance to bring the 5 O’s with them.  Tillie needs to rally her squad in this winnable game to keep them in the hunt for an automatic tournament spot.  This should be one of the closest games of the night.

TU – Saucy Posse (8-1) -3 vs TH – Roll Another (5-4):  SauPo has a bunch of teams on their tail and can’t afford to let their foot off the gas.  Roll Another is pretty locked in to their position but would love to get an upset win over a team they’ve played every year of BoPo.

Pinny Candy (1-8) -5 vs IBS (0-9): An off year for I.B.S.  No Oolie, and Wut What seems to be done as well.  This may be their last chance at a win.  Pinny Candy would like to show some mercy but they need some wins themselves.

Yay! (7-2) -3 vs Y&B (5-4):  This is sneaky good match.  Y&B came out on fire last week behind Lucky’s pair of 200s and even grabbed a 5-0 lead on the SOD juggernaut.  No one is going to want to play these guys in the first round.  Yay! all of a sudden finds themselves back in a tie for first place with no room for error.


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