Do It To Me One More Time….

Last night of the regular season and it will get crazy. Mo will DJ the first half then we’ve got Slavic Soul Party hitting the stage by 9.  I’m not sure what kind of music the opening band is but SSP will be a fun, high energy finish to the season and the place should be packed.

Lot’s of stuff is already settled for Thursday playoff positioning but a few things still up for grabs.  Here’s the situation…

Game of the night

GOB (8-3) -3 vs TDYOB (6-5): GOB let a 7-3 lead over SOD slip away last week…how will they respond?  They will be 2nd place in Thursday A regardless.  TDYOB can clinch 4th and a better playoff road with a win, or fall to 5th and a very tough draw with a loss and a Y&B win over Pinny Candy.

Early Games

Clockwork (7-4) -3 vs Lovernauts (4-7):  Clockwork can still finish anywhere from 2nd to 4th in Thursday B.  The Lovernauts make the tournament with a win, but if they lose and the 5 O’s win, they’ll end up in the Sunday Shootout.

Yay! (9-2) -5 vs BUI (4-7):  Well, nothing at all at stake in this one.  Both teams are locked into their playoff positions.

5 O’Clocks (3-8) -1 vs Bowlderdash (3-8): Because of their win over the Lovernauts, the 5 O’s still have a chance to avoid the Sunday Shootout if they can pull this off and the Lovernauts go down.  Bowlderdash is in the Sunday Shootout regardless, but wouldn’t mind going in with a win.

Sweet Rolls (2-9) -5 vs IBS (0-11):  Both teams are playing Sunday.  IBS is already locked in to a match with fellow 6th year team Three Livers.  Sweet Rolls could move up a little.  IBS would love to get a win.

Happy Hands (9-2) -9 vs Bad News Spares (0-11): Nothing on the line.  Happy Hands clinched the division, Spares clinched last place and will face Off Constantly in the Sunday Shootout.

Late Games

Young & Bowled (5-6) -5 vs Pinny Candy (2-9): Lots at stake for Y&B – they can move up to 4th with a win and a TDYOB loss.  Pinny Candy is playing Sunday regardless, but could lock up 7th place with a win.

Cape Fear (7-4) -9 vs Snakes on a Lane (1-10):  Both teams locked into their spots.  Snakes will play Splits Happen on Sunday, Cape Fear clinched the 3rd place spot.

Guacabowle (7-4) -1 vs Wrecking Balls (7-4):  The Balls clinch 2nd with a win.  Guac can get a 2nd with a win and a Clockwork loss.  Both teams will clinch surprising winning records.

Roll Another (5-6) -5 vs Lesbowlians (2-9): Roll Another can get to .500 before they open the playoffs.  Lesbowlians are playing Sunday but need a win for some momentum.




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  1. Thanks to Col. Angus for doing team photos! That was a blast!

    Good luck to everyone in the playoffs, except the teams we play………

    Roll Bowl Portland!

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