There is one team that may be folding for the upcoming season, so ideally if that happens we can fold another team so we are back to an even number.  So, if you are considering merging teams (as I’ve heard in a few cases) or you are a Captain and are having second thoughts let me know and we’ll happily go down to a lean, mean 42 teams.  Thanks


6 thoughts on “Contraction

  1. I’ve been watching the rankings and have yet to see my dear Cheddar’s (oh captain, my captain) team go off the board. I will be waiting and watching as this party squad in the making gets the top 5 ranking it deserves.

      1. 5 Cheddar Clam Hands 196.5 27 11
        13 Natro Blurred 182.7 20 6

        Enough unsaid…….

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