Preseason Rankings 20-16

#20 Saucy Posse (Tuesday A): Well the SauPo is rejoining their buds up in Tuesday A, and they could be in for a long season.  Walter and Hot Sauce have often dreamed of SauPo battling with the big boys but have been tied to family connections and bad contracts.  Now they have the opportunity to build with some open roster space and the lure of a Tuesday A schedule.  There has been some talk of them signing Wing Alex which would be an excellent move.  Walter and Hot Sauce as a 1-2 almost won Tuesday B last year, and they did the league a solid by agreeing to play Tuesday A, but they won’t be pushing for a division title this year without some big free agent moves in the next couple of weeks.

#19 Liesure Rolls (Thursday A): An expansion team!  The Liesure rolls are made up primarily of a team that regularly competed for Wednesday night championships and are coming off a title in their last time out.  Magic is their Captain, and though he doesn’t play with the flair of Ervin Johnson he will be a solid team leader.  He brings Gatch (next door bartender), Sloppiness (hurls the ball even further down the lane than Tso) and Captain Insanal (eager to emerge from Mr. Pickles midcoast shadow) from that team.  He also signed Human Gold, a controversial figure but a solid bowler.  Not sure about the five guys strategy, but hey, new teams new ideas.  I don’t know which ladies are on this team so I can’t rank them any higher but welcome to the league guys.

#18 BUI (Thursday A): In a year when Thursday A has gotten a big influx of talent, Hexy’s team seems to have stood still.  They do have a few expansion team joining at least.  Snapshot flashes #1 bowler material now and then but has yet to show the consistency to lead these guys against the big guns of the division.  He, Hexy and The Duke have been playing a ton and working on their games in the competitive Draft League.  Happy Feet Pete has been playing in some league, and I’m not sure what Pin Diesel does in the off season.  That said BUI has a history of being a tough out and overperforming.  I could see them pulling an upset or two to challenge for .500

#17 Nutz (Tuesday A):  Well, they have Busta (I think).  After that the team is in flux.  Tee Bag retired.  The Captains are Peanut and Herbie, and Peanut may bring in some VIA talent to lighten up the mood.  Herbie is a guy who I don’t really see between seasons so not sure what he’s going to have.  Salty may be back, but they haven’t wrapped up any free agents.  Busta alone gets enough pins to win games so it won’t be a lost season on the scoreboard.  I could be wrong on some of the roster stuff, but if not I think they’ll be battling Saucy Posse for 10th.

#16 Bowled & The Beautiful (Thursday A): The 2nd highest ranked expansion team, and this one is a truer expansion team than Cheddar’s group of BoPo veterans. These guys have a couple of former BoPoers and their other players are recognizable Bayside faces.  The vets are Saw, who got a season in with the Lovernauts last year, and key signing Beaujolais who they snatched from the Pinups.  They also have Mr. Mayor, who has had a really strong Draft season, and Billy James, a Friday fixture with his guinness and a guy who made a strong first Beer Frame Friday showing a couple weeks ago.  I think they Jenerator, who is currently on two teams in the tournament of champions.  These guys will be interesting and they decent depth, but they seem to lack a true #1.  Mayor, Billyjames?

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