#5 Body English

Well how about that, I agree with the voters on this one.  Frankly, it may even be a little high but I put a decent amount of weight on playoff experience. Even two finals losses in three years takes a lot of playoff games to achieve.  Hungus made a run at Top Dawg last year before falling short on the final night.  Natro led the team to the finals with a playoff average over 200.  They both bowl a lot in the winter months.  A lot. So there’s the top 2 that can at least keep up with almost any other team’s top two.  Slow Roll is coming off a strong Draft Season and an even stronger playoffs, averaging around 170 in the playoffs.  That gets us through three, and to the first real wild card – Filthy McNasty.  Filthy is hard to predict, but if this team is going to make another playoff run he will have to be feeling it.  He does have a good tendency of focusing on his point.  Queen Bee made some good strides throughout 2013 and Body English needs her to pick up where she left off.  Finally, Tom Richards.  His magical 010 playoff run was a long time ago, and the last few years he hasn’t had the same wizardry.  He brings the energy and has pledged to put in the work this season – Karl will need to coach him back to the Hacksaw that had the occasional, opponent deflating big game.  That’s a big question mark and there are lots of potential holes.  This ranking is as much on past performance as current talent.  We’ll find out early how they look as they open with a rematch of the 2013 Finals and hope to avoid a second embarrassing smackdown.

2 thoughts on “#5 Body English

  1. You want a fucking embarrassing smackdown bro? Wait till you play LoS!

    We will fucking crush you! How do you like dem apples?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

    Chris and Kerry

  2. hmmmm, nice tactic Hungus, the old put the bullseye elsewhere, like it, but come on?!!??!!?!?! Is it me or was BEER in the finals just LAST YEAR??????

    Instead of “BIAS ALERT” should have started this post with “SANDBAGGING ALERT”……..

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