The Last Week

Well we’ve done it again…we’ve reached the final week of another spectacular BoPo season.  This year has a sweet finish with crossover games in A, and a battle for the division title in Tuesday B.  We’ve got a player on the verge of taking the all-time high BoPo average, we have the final spot in the playoffs from A up for grabs.

It’s also playoff week for more than half the teams.  24 of the BoPo 44 will battle this Sunday with only 12 making it into the big bracket.  So start getting your playoff roll ready and start buying your fancy western gear for the bowling ball – it’s the last week of the season!

Game of the Night (early)

#11 My Balls (10-1) -1 vs #14 Ball That (9-2): A head to head match for the division crown – pretty sweet way to wrap up the season for these teams.  Ball That has battled back form a few early season losses with a long win streak to reach this point.  My Balls have been out in front all year and are looking to go wire to wire.  New My Ball Wej has been his team’s MVP as a rookie and has them dreaming of an upset or two in the playoffs.  Ball That has been Samsquampch’s answer to the XXX Club separation, and they’d love to grab their first trophy with the B title.  We can only hope it comes down to a bowloff.

Early Games

Pinups (5-6) -1 vs Splits Happen (4-7):  Last week the Splits were five point favorites, but I wondered how they would handle having a lead and being a favorite.  Well, they lost a 7-3 lead, giving Snakes On A Lane their first win of the year.  This week they are back in their more comfortable position as underdog, though by an incredibly slight margin.  Pinups have surprised to get this far and have a chance to end the season at .500 which would be a great accomplishment.

N.E.D. (6-5) – 3 vs Three Livers (4-7): Both teams will be playing Sunday, but would love to get a win to head in with a hint of momentum.  The Sunday Shootout last year was where 3L’s Larry first made a name for himself with a classic showdown with Oolie.  N.E.D. is no stranger to fantastic showdowns with Burt The Bandit picking up former NEDder Shifter’s knack for winning bowloffs.  This will be a good playoff tuneup for both teams.

ICBING (8-3) -5 vs Snake on A Lane (1-10):  Snakes finally got in to the win column last week with an exciting come from behind 8-7 win.  They’ll go for two in a row against an ICBING team featuring some frisbee rivals.  ICBING has an outside shot of sneaking out of the Sunday Shootout, but they’ll need a ton of points so will show no mercy if they get the upperhand.

TU #2 Yahtzee (9-2) -7 vs TH Linguists (3-8): It’s looking like Sunday for the Linguists.  They haven’t been able to get it together as a unit yet this season, but with La Ga and Gutterslut they have the ability to scare a few teams in the postseason.  Yahtzee is bowling well heading to the playoffs and will be the #3 overall seed.  They have the talent to win it all and just have to hope the team chemistry holds together for two more weeks – winning makes everyone happy.

 Late Games

TU #1 Back In Black (10-1) -5 vs TH #10 TDYOB (6-5):  BIB has already locked up the number one seed in the tournament as they hope to become the first back to back BoPo champ.  They look great, but other champs have looked even more unbeatable in their title defenses only to fall just short.  Stevie Strikes says he will sit himself for fear of losing his top average.  That shouldn’t make the difference in this one but it is the kind of motivational device Dr. Thunder can utilize so well.  He’ll do his best to at least force Steve off the bench.  TDYOB hopes to at least deliver a little scare as this could very well be a quarterfinal preview.

BILFs (5-6) -5 vs Wrecking Balls (1-10): Both teams will be playing again Sunday.  The BILF’s can draw an easier opponent with another win to reach .500.  The Wrecking Balls have somehow posted only 1 win despite a solid effort in team average.  They will be missing their Captain for the Sunday Shootout, but he’ll live vicariously through Dude Jr.

#13 Cape Fear (8-3) -1 vs Incredibowls (7-4): The Incredibowls will be in the Shootout and they’d love to drag Cape Fear there with them.  This game will feature the top two bowlers in B in Cape Fear’s Southpaw and Incredibowls’ Spidey.  That will be a good shootout in and of itself.  This is a game that really needs to be decided in a bowloff of team stars.

TH #7 Leisure Rolls (8-3) -5 vs TU Saucy Posse (2-9):  This looks like one of those rare occasions where a Thursday team comes to Tuesday and owns it.  The expansion Rolls can stay in the hunt for a very impressive division title with a win (they would then need an LOS loss to SOD on Thursday).  Magic and Gatch will use the game to shake off their 2v2 loss and get their swagger back.  Saucy Posse hopes to get some rhythm back on their team.  They have a solid 1-2 with Wing Sauce and Walter, and could definitely surprise a ranked team like the Rolls if they get hot.

TU Nutz (3-8) -3 vs TH BUI (4-7): The Nutz look to arrest their 5 game slide and get their mojo back before the Sunday Shootout.  The team had some good wins in the beginning of the year and when Bustah is hot they are a dangerous opponent.  BUI is looking to stay out of Sunday, and probably will even with a loss, but they could guarantee a playoff spot with a win.  They have already beaten one Tuesday A team this year.

TU Strikes of Hazzard (5-6) -3 vs TH UREA! (3-8): The Strikes have gone 1-6 after their impressive 4-0 start and fallen all the way out of the rankings.  They can fix it all with a win and get to the playoffs with a clean slate.  With a loss they’ll leave the door open to BEER to grab that last playoff spot and bump them to the Sunday Shootout.  UREA! keeps suffering agonizingly close losses but they are in the mix every game.  T-$ has had a great season and the team has god depth – they just often lack a solid #2 score.  Nurple is capable of giving them that person, and if he does it could lead to a few big wins.





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