Week 6

Believe it or not two teams could clinch playoff spots tonight if everything breaks right.  Crazy!  All you 1-4 teams need to get something going, though you probably don’t need me to remind you.

New experiment tonight I am borrowing from a bowling alley in Wisconsin…the first game done in the early shift gets a free pitcher (moose head or brooklyn brown) for each team.

One last note – I am redrawing the matchups for crossover week.  You will play the team from the other conference with the same ranking as you (#1 vs #1, #2 vs #2 etc.) I will relist the schedule with the right matchups this weekend.

Game of the Week

#2 Loud Noises (5-0) -1 vs 100% Down (3-2): Loud Noises is one of only two undefeated teams, and they maintained that unblemished record in wild fashion last week, coming back from a  7-3 deficit with no Deputy.  The drama of their defending an unbeaten run may be overshadowed, however, by the drama of Deputy facing the BoPo Captain (and teammate) he is leaving behind in a free agent move.  Will Uncle Jesse and Luke give him the cold shoulder?  The knuckle sandwich?  Will Deputy tank to try to ease the sting of his leaving?  Makes for some interesting watching, and The Managemnet on 100% Down will try and take advantage of it.

Early Games

Point Breakers (3-2) -3 vs Emo and the Bunnymen (1-4): E-Minor’s crew has their backs up against the wall, but I don’t know what that means for them.  Will they just all look around at each other waiting for someone else to step up?  Will they just give up in the face of adversity? Lots of questions in my write-ups so far.  Point Breakers should be fine in this one.  Natro will want to show off in front of his soon to be new BoPo teammate, and it’s early so he should be soberish for at least game 1.  Roadhouse’s crew should roll unless Bora pulls out another 220 game like last week.

Dick’s Pick’s Vol. IV (3-2) -3 vs Hexy’s Hooligans (1-4): Hexy’s got another team stuck in the basement at 1-4 in the West.  They’ve been close a few times but need to find a way to grab a W before it’s too late.  Dick’s looks to be back on track after a short slide.  Mr. Stiffy is continuing his really strong season as a Dick, and Beaujolais and Queen B have been doing their jobs well.

#4 Bowla Constictors (4-1) -3 vs Taint Punch (2-2): Diesel’s bunch have just the one loss to the #1 team on their record and look like a solid title contender.  Bustah and Beef Wellington have done the heavy lifting for him.  Taint Punch has both Spidey and Tango in the top 22, but I don’t really know which way they are going.  I’ve had them in the top three and now they aren’t ranked.  Tango hasn’t locked in yet, but he’s due.  I could talk myself out of this line if I write much longer.

#6 Silent But Deadly (4-1) -1 vs Gatch Patch Kids (1-4): Well there are four 1-4 teams in the East so teams like Gatch Patch still can see a way into the playoffs, but eventually they’ll need a few wins.  Southpaw has been a solid #1 for them, and Wildcard has had half excellent games, but half really rough ones.  They could piece it together if they al score at the right time.  I just think SBD continues their unexpected run.  Sloppiness gets to battle his BoPo captain and should be fired up for that.  Lala vs Bonita looks like a really good battle that could determine the winner in this one.

Late Games

Alley Cat Strikes (1-4) -1 vs Colucci’s Kids (1-4): These teams may be a combined 2-8 but they feature two of the top three bowlers in the stats in Precious (2) and Bama (3). As strange as it seems it looks like one of those guys could be in real danger of missing the playoffs.  The Kids saved their season last week coming back from 7-3 down even with Precious out of town.  The Strikes have been close to more wins.  I’ll take ACS in a close one though everyone would probably like to see a Bama vs Precious bowl off.

#1 Beerframe Mafia (5-0) -5 vs Team Skittles (3-1): Team Skittles has been riding emotion and team depth to a strong start, winning three of four before their bye last week.  They will be missing their top bowler Sparkles who is in Vegas for one of his other beer sports.  The Mafia won’t take any pity on their opponent just because they re missing a few players.  They will cruise to a 6-0 start and, depending on a few other games, be the first team to clinch a playoff spot.

#5 Ball Jam (3-2) -1 vs Nonchalant (1-4): Ball Jam has been on a nice run lately moving up the standings and power rankings with some big scores.  They’ll try to keep it going with Shifter back out of town.  They look like easy favorites against Nonchalant, but Rick V’s crew has their backs against the wall and if they have Bijou and Cookie together they can hang.  That said they can’t win until Rick, Ramrod or Probie finally has a big night.

#Gutter (2-3) -1 vs Ebowla (1-4): The infectious disease crew showed some signs of life lately – Yao and Bombpop put up some solid scores – but they are in trouble at 1-4.  A win here would go a long way toward turning their season around.  #Gutter is a hard to team to predict, but they do seem to have come together really well as a group.  That should be enough to keep them out of the basement.


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  1. What’s the over-under on Deputy getting guilt-tripped into rejoining the Hazzards and building Cheds an apologetic beer pong table? I put it around 60%. #dejavu

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