Draft League Finals

It’s been two weeks but the memories are still fresh from an amazing first round.  One bowl off and two matches decided by 1 pin all in the span of 15 minutes.  Incredible action.  Now we’re down to 4.

Should be a fun night!  Two rounds, four solid teams, wide open field.  Come down and check it out, cheer loudly, drink freely.


Three Fingered Surprise (10-2) -3 vs Colucci’s Kids (7-5):  No team has had a bigger turnaround than the Kids.  They were 1-5 and about to be eliminated when the team rallied for a win with their star Precious out of town.  The win piqued his interest and got him back on board and they haven’t lost since.  Steff was battling a wrist issue in the first round of the playoffs that seems to have gotten better.  Fern and Colucci kid stepped up to help get them through to tonight.  Even Slick Nick was practicing last night.  The Kids’ 6 game win streak is impressive, but is dwarfed by 3FS’ 10 gamer.  They haven’t all been dominating, but wins are wins.  They came within a hair of going out in the first round after blowing a 7.5-2.5 lead, but Jerk battled his way to a comeback bowl off win even without his best stuff.  Snapshot, Tso and Layne did plenty with their Captain struggling and now it’s a clean slate.  Jerk will return to form to battle Precious, and while I think the taller guy gets the edge in this head to head battle, the depth Layne has assembled looks like too much for the Kids.  I think The Surprise moves on…


Point Breakers (8-4) -2 vs #Gutter (7-5):  Roadhouse’ team bounced around int he power rankings all year, never getting a long win streak but only losing in really tight matches.  They have a great 1-2 in Roadhouse/Natro, Jewdy has been a solid wildcard, and Tilt-A-Whirl has been bowling great and is really eager to get her first Bayside title.  They are solid all around and relatively predictable in their scores.  #Gutter is a different story.  They have fluctuated wildly and backed in to the playoffs on the strength of a forfeit.  Now that they’re here, however, they’re taking full advantage of the opportunity knocking out defending champ Diesel on their way to the semis.  Gutterboy is the recognizable name but they are getting contributions from everyone and seem to be riding emotion and camaraderie.  Gutterslut has had some huge games (and celebrations of jumping into Munj’s arms).  Gracer, a last minute Draft League add, has been putting in a ton of time (someone in BoPo should pick her up if it hasn’t happened already!) They have a great team energy and it will be magnified by the relative staid nature of Point Break, but I think I’ll ride the averages in this one and predict an all Western Conference finals.


Finals: Well, assuming I’m right about the semis, I’m going with the Surprise to finish the season on a 12 game winning streak with a big championship.  No telling if it’s a precursor to a Binga’s resurgence.



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