Division Leaders Clash!

Thursday, home of the all-star champs, and the undisputed game(s) of the week.  Settle in behind lanes 7/8 tonight for a great night of viewing.

Predictions: 102-48

Game of the Week A

EARLY: #2 L.O.S. (6-1) -3 vs #5 Cunning Linguists (7-1): Here’s the battle for Thursday A.  The Linguists are the surprise team.  Col. Angus resigned, they signed Roo, and took off.  They lost for the first time last week but it was without their rookie of the year candidate.  La Ga has been dominant and this team will be psyched for the challenge go the defending champs.  L.O.S. doesn’t get up for every game as they often know they’ve got no challenge.  They will be up for this one, though.  They want to knock down the upstarts and finally move back into first place.  Mr. Stiffy and Cheese have been solid, and free agent Nugget was an all-star.  This feels like playoff game.  The good news for both teams is that the loser still lives to fight another night.

Game of the Week B

LATE: #2B Lovernauts (6-1) -1 vs I.B.S. (6-2): On any non Linguists vs LOS  this is game of the week.  It will be played on 7-8, and won’t hold anyone up as a late game.  With My Balls’ loss, Lovernauts could move into #1B with a win, and more importantly put some distance between themselves and anyone else for the Thursday B crown.  Ram Rod and co. might have something to say about that.  They talk a lot, so they’ll definitely have something to say, actually.  Oolie has been all over the board pooping on Rubbys.  The Lovernuats have held their fire but are getting charged up on their own team thread.  I love this matchup.  The Lovernauts franchise is no longer in the shadow of the I.B.S. squad they split off from, now with new management in Rufio, some new players like Rubbys and Slugga, and a sweet record.  They do still have Lovernaut spirit, and holdovers like Rinni and Luka would love a victory.  For the BoPo uninitiated, watch this game tonight and see what the league is supposed to be all about.

Early Games

#8 Leisure Rolls (5-2) -3 vs Spare of the Dog (4-3): The Dogs are getting a lot of love for their kickass threads, and they are well deserved.  That said I’m guessing they’d like a few wins too.  They had a nice win over TDYOB then fell back last week.  A win here would be huge for them.  The Rolls get back to Thursday nights,  having lost on their only two non-Thursday games.  It is an early game though.  They’ll still try and get their drink on and I’m not betting against Sloppy downing a couple pitchers by 6:45.  They’ll find a way to pull this out.

Happy Hands (4-3) -3 vs Lesbowlians (3-4): The Lesbowlians lost their last game on the last ball, then had to sit out a week.  They’ll be eager to get back at it.  Happy Hands knocked off the Lovernauts a few weeks back and could really start moving up the standings ladder with another win.  Munj and Lance Cocksure have had a lot of good quality time practices, they’ll lead the way in this one.

DHD (4-3) -9 vs Puds (0-7): Dirty Half Dozen had their win streak snapped last week by a fired up Pinny Candy, but they should get right back on track with a win in this one.  Pud’s showed some signs of life last week, and did put up their best game of the season.  They may rack up a few points, but they’ll have a hard time keeping up over three games.

Pinny Candy (3-4) -3 vs Bowlderdash (4-3): It pains me to pick them after last week’s outburst but Pinny Candy is on a mission, and are here to bowl.  They won’t have to wait for anyone this week so maybe they’ll be a little less fired up.  Bowlderdash will have a good time regardless of the length of the match.  Boys McCracken has been putting up some solid games.  This would be a good week for Capt. Michael Bowlton to break out.

Late Games

 #7 Guns of Brighton (4-4) -3 vs Guacabowle (3-4): iHand tried to tell me this was a great game because the teams were so similar, each with big upsets over top teams.  Nice try dude!  GOB is and should be a title contender.  You had a slow start but no one thinks you’re just some upstart team that might spring an upset or two.  You have Pickles and Railroad, you are one of the big guns.  Guacabowle won’t be intimidated, sure.  They know they can play with anyone, but them stopping you would register as a pretty nice upset.  I agree it will be a great game at least.

TDYOB (3-4) -1 vs BUI (3-4): Look out Party Pit!  TDYOB and BUI both make their way back to the pit after a month off, marking the last time either plays there all year.  TDYOB likes it, BUI, not sure.  This could be a very competitive game. BUI has lots of solid players, and Snapshot, G-Unit and Duke Thunderwood will probably bowl all 3 with Happy Feet the latest BoPoer to go on a tropical vacation (goddammit I want to go somewhere tropical!) TDYOB had a great win last week over the Rolls, but they were pretty focused for it.  Not sure they’ll have the same intensity this time.  Of course if Pistol averages 215 again it won’t matter (please no emails telling me he didn’t average exactly 215, Thunder, I’m just estimating).

Five O’Clocks (3-5) -7 vs Bad News Spares (1-6): Don’t look now but Automatic and the O’Clocks are on the verge of a franchise record 3 game win streak.  Auto has been destroying it lately, looking like an A player.  When the straight-ball bucking Quaker gets going too these guys are tough.  The Spares might be able to catch them napping, and they do have an outside shot to keep this one interesting.  Well, Spares games are always interesting with their huge party roster and sweet names.  I think the 5 O get win number 4 though.

Bowled and Beautiful (1-6) vs Granola Bowlahs (1-6): Unless something wild happens to finish the year both these team will be in the Sunday Shootout.  Granola will embrace it as a an extra day of free bowling and a chance for a postseason win of any kind.  B&B might not want to be there but they’ve been there before, and have the confidence they gained last year with a shocking playoff upset of S.O.D., and that was before they signed Viking.  Granola is getting better, and having a blast doing it.  I  don’t think they win this, but I do think they win at least one more regular season game.  B&B will be psyched to grab any win they can.






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