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Going to be real short with the lines as the focus is on PBA.

As for PBA, for folks who have tickets, this is going to be our shot on national TV and the PBA wants us to be ourselves (maybe a couple less drinks, but generally).  Be creative – if you want to highlight the fact that this tourney is in Maine by wearing Grundens or lumberjack gear, be my guest, you’ll likely end up on ESPN.  If you want to celebrate the big day by wearing a tux or evening gown, do it!  They want us to yell like hell for strikes, be smart fans, get intense but don’t heckle.  In short they said they want to throw caution to the wind and let us do our thing on national TV.  BoPo proved it is a cool community again last week helping out Colucci Kid.  Now we get a chance to show the world.  Smart but crazy fans.  Sexy and weird.  Mainers and proud of it.  BowlPortland goes national in 16 days.  Time to shake up the bowling world.

Oh, and I guess I can mention now that included in each of the first three ESPN national broadcasts will be a 5 frame, one shot per frame Baker match between one of the PBA teams and a team of BoPo rollers.  There will be three matches.  I am still deciding how best to represent the league, whether we go with BoPo teams or all-star teams or all-fun teams.  Stay tuned.  

Game of the Week

LATE: Bingas (4-4) -1 vs BEER (3-4): Only by default.  No match ups between teams with great records so we’ll go with this BoPo classic rivalry.  Can either of these teams show some life and make a run?  Both teams are struggling to stay afloat.  For Binga’s a win get them back above .500.  BEER gets Bingas tonight and OC Friday for what could be a huge or terrible week.  Look out for Tyrone Davis in this one.  Whatever else happens in this match, it will be an old school party.

Early Games

#1 BIB (7-0) -5 vs Strikes of Hazzard (2-5): BIB had some close calls early in the season but are now starting to flex their muscles.  Hazzard had LB and General Lee last week and needed them both to squeeze by OC.  If both show up again they may keep it close, but looks like BIB keeps marching toward a division title.

My Balls (6-1) -3 vs Splits Happen (6-2): My Balls finally experience defeat last week, but they should bounce right back.  Splits didn’t do well in their one week on the radar, but now that they are out of the rankings again they could do well, and a win here puts them in first place.

Cape Fear (4-5) -1 vs SOD (4-3): As Farmer said on the podcast “What’s up with SOD? Are they good or do they suck?”  Well they just had a huge win over Yahtzee, so time for a letdown.  Cape Fear is a dangerous team and I think they pull the upset over the streaky SODsters.

Ball That (4-3) -5 vs Saucy Posse (1-7): SauPo showed some life last week, losing by 2 pins.  That might be as close as they get for a while.  Ball That continues their surprise debut season as an A team and should move 2 games over .500, and make Dick Liquor sound less surprised when he says “you lost to those guys?”

Budweisers (3-4) -5 vs Pinups (1-7): The Buds are rolling now and should grab their third straight win.  Another long season for the Pinups.

Late Games

XXX Club (5-2) -5 vs Off Constantly (2-5): The Club stomped BEER on their way to 2nd place and now look to take out another struggling old-time giant in OC.  The Club’s depth is showing up.  OC played really well last week and got the bad draw of a fully loaded Hazzard team.  They’ll need to be even better to win this one.

ICBING (6-2) -3 vs BILF (3-4): BILF has been making a little noise on a modest 2 game win streak. Now they get a real test.  ICBING is quietly poised to move back into a tie for first if Splits rattles My Balls.

Incredibowls (6-3) -5 vs Three Livers (1-6):  The Increds struggled in their two game run against the top of the standings but are still piling up wins and staying in the hunt with a 7th win looking likely.  Three Livers is working on their Sunday Shootout plans already.

N.E.D. (5-3) -3 vs Nuts (3-4): What about NED?  These guys crushed My Balls last week and beat Incredibowls before that.  They are the hottest team in Tuesday B and could even sneak into the title chase if things break right.  Nuts have fallen on hard times but could turn things around nicely with a win here.

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  1. To clarify, just got off phone with PBA. Limited heckling ok, just not disruptive during approaches or anything

  2. BoPo’ers in their natural habitat? Its like a scene straight off the nat geo channel,”Oooo and what do we have here?! An indigenous middle aged male mindlessly wandering about his watering hole. Note how his sleeves are torn off and is foaming from the mouth as he ‘chews the fat’. A real wild one, he is!”

  3. No heckling? Ouch! Any chance at a refund, not sure I can abide by that rule, ha-ha………

      1. If I want to hang out over here on the ball rack, I should be able to dammit. What the hell is it to you?

      2. I dont’t want your stuff on my bowlin ball you greasy S.O.B.! That goes for you too Rosin Bag!

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