The Dog Days Are Over

Well that was a hell of a day yesterday.  56 degrees!  Late February in BoPo can be tough because you’re just in the middle of the season, and it’s a long grind.  Now 2v2 playoffs are started, PBA is 14 days away, and the bowling intensity is picking back up.  Eventually it will be April and then the challenge is staying focused on your game when you just want to get outside.  Right now, though, it’s the bowling atmosphere that’s heating up.

Each writeup I’m throwing out a little tidbit on PBA weekend.  Today’s note, BoPoers will be able to get into the building at 9:15 both Saturday and Sunday (disregard the ticket saying doors at 10:30).  Please get there early to be ready for tapings of some exhibition matches.

Game of the Week

EARLY: #2b Lovernauts (6-2) -3 vs #2b Roll Another (6-2): It’s a great race for the B crown with three teams tied at 6-2.  This game will go a long way toward determining the champ.  It will also be a clash of styles between Roll Another’s quiet introspection and the Lovernauts brash persona.  The Lovernauts have lost 2 of 3 but can really right the ship with a win here.

Early Games

Five O’Clocks (3-5) -3 vs Bowlderdash (5-3): The 5 O’s had their match suspended last week after two games due to tech issues, so they could actually grab two wins tonight if they finish that one.  They have won two in a row and if they complete the sweep tonight would be at .500 for the latest time in the season in franchise history. Bowlderdash had a huge win last week, edging the edgy Pinny Candy 8-7 and keeping a faint heartbeat for the division title.  A win here combined with some other results and they’d be in the mix.

#2 LOS (7-1) -7 vs BUI (4-4): With BIB’s loss on Tuesday LOS can finally retake the top spot n the rankings, if they care about that kind of thing.  The team rolled lights out last week averaging well over 700 in dispatching the challenger to the throne.  Cheese led the way but Nugget’s 194 was impressive as well.  BUI had a great win over TDYOB last week and are a much improved team.  They’ll have a little confidence going into this one but if LOS bowls like last week no team can keep up.

DHD (5-3) -1 vs Lesbowlians (3-5): DHD has won 4 of 5 since acquiring Hard Knox and look like slight favorites to get one more win in this one.  The Lesbowlians have had a couple heartbreakers and need a jolt to get their confidence back.  They should keep it close and take the low points, but I think DHD’s top end is a bit higher.  Tilt-A-Whirl could prove me wrong.

#8 Guns of Brighton (4-5) -3 vs Bowled & Beautiful (2-6):  Ok GOB I kept you in the top 8, but a loss here and those days are over.  GOB has all the talent in the world, but have proven very inconsistent.  B&B finally snapped their long losing streak, but if I remember correctly they had a similar regular season record last year (3-9 I think) before knocking out SOD in the playoffs.  They are even more inconsistent than GOB, but with Viking at the top of the order they are always dangerous.

Late Games

Spare of the Dog (4-4) -5 vs UREA! (3-5): I don’t know what to make of either of these teams.  UREA! has looked like a B team many nights but then had huge weeks where they look like world beaters.  Spare has a similar story, winning some big games handily but not putting any streaks together. They do look great in those jerseys though.  I would just not put any money on this one.

TDYOB (3-5) -9 vs Granola Bowlahs (1-7): Well, Rick Vaughn moved his team up to A primarily for this matchup.  Of course he also thought he’d have a top 3 woman on the team before Bijou quit right before the season started.  The losses haven’t affected morale, and now they get to go right at their podcast tormentors.  Farmer and Thunder have taken their shots at Granola all year and now get to deliver on the lanes.  They will have a great party in this one.

#2b IBS (6-2) -11 vs Bad News Spares (1-6): IBS has back to back wins over Roll Another and Lovernauts.  That means that if they win this, they’ll be in 1st place no matter who wins the Roll Another/Lovernauts game tonight because it will just be a two way tie and they have the tiebreaker.  Nerd alert, Hungus!  The Spares have to wrap up their suspended game from last week so could fall to 1-8 after tonight.  I doubt they mind.

Pinny Candy (3-5) -5 vs Puds Taxi (0-8): Talk about a culture clash!  This will be interesting to watch as a social experiment.  The game will start precisely at 8 on lanes 11-12, not following another BoPo match.  Pinny Candy has places to be, folks. Pud’s has been showing drastic improvement recently and are getting closer.  I don’t think they can win this one but if they stay positive and recognize their improvement they could get a win before the season ends

#7 Leisure Rolls (6-2) – 1 vs Guacabowle (4-4): Guacabowle is coming off back to back huge wins, first knocking the Linguists out of the undefeated ranks then stopping GOB’s momentum.  Now they play their 4th ranked team in 4 weeks and look to go 3-1 in that stretch, not bad.  The Rolls are 6-0 on Thursday nights and don’t really let their game get affected by their opponent.  They will be merciless and drunk.  I think they win, but betting against Guac is bad business.



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