Pre-PBA Lines

Not a lot of time for lines these days…PBA is 11 days out.  Holy cow.

St. Patrick’s Day games this week, with BoPo on all 12 lanes late.

Game of the Week

LATE: #6 Yahtzee (6-3) -1 vs #3 XXX Club (6-2): Well Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day so I’ve just kind of tried to walk through how that day may go.  I see Tango and Sparkles pretty much just blacked out, but losing Tango is bigger blow.  Deputy can’t drink – advantage Yahtzee.  Cheddar will also be drinking less, and E-Minor won’t.  Just trying to play the drinking odds.  I think Yahtzee out sobers the Club by a brain cell or two for the win.

Early Games

#8 Bingas (5-4) -1 vs Off Constantly (3-6): Both teams went 1-1 last week.  Binga’s lost to BEER, OC crushed BEER. Now they play each other.  OC will get up for this, they love the old rivals, but Binga’s will be pumped too.  It is strangely an early game, making the line really close.

#4b NED (6-3) -9 vs Three Livers (1-7): NED has made the rankings with consecutive wins over Incrdibowls, ICBING and My Balls.  Now they are heavy favorites and look to avoid a letdown game.  Three Livers is cruising through the season, minds already turning to rafting.

ICBING (6-3) -5 Nuts (3-5): ICBING has been in a bit of a slump but they look like favorites to get back on the winning track this week.  The Nuts also started the season strong but have lost 5 of 6.  This one isn’t out of reach for them, Salty would need to put up some large numbers.

#1b My Balls (7-1) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (2-6): Sibling battle as the Dude’s Wreck battle brother in law Barry Violet and sister Bubbles’ My Balls team.  Wej has been strong lately, and Big Red had a big game last week, but My Balls have been a little shaky the last few weeks.  The Wreck can match up in this one with the right lineups.

Late Games

#2 Back In Black (7-1) -7 vs Saucy Posse (2-7):  BIB is coming off their first loss, a surprise 3rd game letdown vs Strikes of Hazzard.  They’ll be primed to bounce back against a SauPo squad coming off only their 2nd win on the year.  Walter has a little confidence back, but this is not a good matchup.

Ball That (4-4) -1 vs Strikes of Hazzard (3-5): Well Hazzard deserves kudos for knocking off the undefeated BIB last week, and even more so since Luke guaranteed it.  But this is late and it seems hard to imagine LB Davenport and General Lee both being there.  Ball That wins unless Hazzard has both aces.

BEER (4-5) -1 vs Sons of Danarchy (5-4): Both teams are coming off rough losses, but at least BEER had one win.  Slow Roll vs McStriker may be the most compelling matchup.  Filthy has been turning it on for BEER, SOD has had glimpses of greatness from everyone but, like BEER, been terribly inconsistent.  Look for a low scoring nail biter.

Budwesiers (4-4) -1 vs BILF (4-4): Just when it looked like BILF would go back to their losing ways, they rallied with 10 straight over ICBING to push their win streak to three.  The Buds are also on a three game win streak most notable for the speed in which they complete games.  Neither team can win the division but both could easily advance through the Sunday Shootout and give a higher seed a little bit of trouble in the playoffs.

Splits Happen (6-3) -3 vs Pinups (1-8): Not much to say in this one. Split safe having a strong season, Pinups are having a rough one.  I don’t see anything to make me think those trends change with an upset.

2 thoughts on “Pre-PBA Lines

  1. Give me, Bingas, NED, Nuts, My Balls, Turkey Club, BIB, SOD, Buds, and Splits.

  2. Surprised i’m not used to decide the spread on every match. Aren’t I the only thing that really matters around here?

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