This is the last ‘normal’ BoPo day of the season.  Next Tuesday we have games but it’s the first crossover week.  These Thursday teams are playing next Tuesday: BUI, Lesbowlians, 5 O’Clocks, Leisure Rolls, Guacabolwe, Bowlderdash, IBS and Pud’s Taxi.  Then BoPo takes a one week hiatus for a little tournament of out of towers we are hosting, with the season resuming again on Thursday, April 2nd with a bunch more crossover games.  Then there is a final regular season week of crossover games, so we’ll get some more chances for the two nights to challenge each other.  Right now Thursday’s got the momentum.

As for that other tourney, if you have a ticket for the weekend, parking is extremely limited.  Please carpool, bike, walk, or skip.  Also, I found out that Pete Weber was suspended before for getting in a fist fight at a pro-am, so, just be aware of that.

Last thing, if your team has the word ‘shootout’ by its name in the standings, you are definitely playing in the Sunday Shootout.  That is Sunday, April 12th, from 11-2.  Put it on your schedule.  At 2pm that day we will have a viewing party at Bayside for episode 3 of the ESPN tapings from Bayside Bowl.

Game of the Week

LATE: #4 Leisure Rolls (7-2) -1 vs #5 Linguists (7-2): This is a great matchup as a lot of folks are still trying to get a read on these teams, knowing both are pretty darn good.  The Rolls lost their opener and were off the radar screen for a long time, but have gone 7-0 on Thursday night and look ready for another playoff run.  The Linguists roared out to a 7-0 start and got perhaps too much attention, and now face a turning point after a 2 game losing streak.  I think the Linguists have a higher ceiling but the Roll’s ‘mid-level depth’ strategy is particularly good this year as we bowl on the toughest league pattern anywhere in Maine.

Early Games

# 1 L.O.S. (8-1) -5 vs Spare of the Dog (5-4): With B.I.B. losing again, L.O.S. is looking all alone as the class of the league.  While other teams’ aces have been up and down, Cheese has looked totally comfortable on this pattern.  New add Nugget has been a huge pickup and Mr. Stiffy has been solid all year.  Precious is bound to blow up soon.  Spare of the Dog has been unpredictable, and this seems like a bit of a stretch to see them winning.  They’ll have sweet shirts on, though.

Bowled & Beautiful (2-7) -3 vs UREA (3-6): This is a quietly important game as the loser seems tickets for the Sunday Shootout, and the winner has a good chance of avoiding it and punching a ticket directly to the playoffs.  T-$ has been in free fall after a glorious two week run early in the year, but last week saw his teammates J-Bird (217) and Cro Magnon (201) have huge games.  If he joins them they can win.  B&B is a dangerous team that no one really wants to draw in the playoffs (see S.O.D. 2014), but that can’t get any consistency going.  This should be a good opportunity to win and start building momentum.

Pinny Candy (4-5) -3 vs Lesbowlians (3-6): Pinny Candy has garnered more attention than usual this year primarily due to Pay Day’s emotional explosion on the lanes.  They can speak with their game, too, though as they have a decent shot to get to 500.  The Lesbowlians have had a couple tight losses and that seems to have led to a crisis of confidence.  This would be a great upset win for them.

Happy Hands (5-4) -9 vs Bad News Spares (1-7): The Hands look like they are getting hot at the right time, and will be a tough out in the Sunday Shootout, then an interesting 1st round playoff team.  The Spares got 7 points in last week’s nail biter, after only having 12 all year.  Team on the rise!

#3b I.B.S. (7-2) -11 vs Pud’s Taxi (0-9): IBS should bounce back after almost letting their game against the Spares get away from them.  Pud’s keeps getting better week to week, and when they finally pull it all together for a win there will be much rejoicing.  Hey Puds, reminder, you guys play TUESDAY next week!

Late Games

Guacabowle (4-5) -1 vs TDYOB (4-5): This should be an awesome time in the party pit.  Guac has had a brutal run against ranked teams and held up well with a 2-2 record, inspire of what Bonita describes as a UN Treaty style of lineup decisions.  Bonita won’t be around today as her podcast appearance has led to countless media opportunities.  Instead Guac has signed former TDYOB, and wife of Thunder, Sneaky Pete.  She’ll battle all 3 games vs Spooky.  TDYOB has an army of bowlers usually, but with Shifter and Brandi out of town they have the advantage of a smaller squad, and Lou Dawg brings enough energy for 5 normal bowlers.  This will be a party, likely going down to the wire.

BUI (4-5) -7 vs Granola Bowlahs (1-8): BUI actually kept things close vs LOS last week, but the points got away from them.  They have a solid lineup with 200s possible from all four dudes.  Granola is developing a reputation as one of the best parties on anyone’s schedules, ramping it up last week with strip bowling and ladies’ room selfies.  Can’t wait to see what happens next on the Love Boat.

#2b Lovernauts (7-2) -1 vs Dirty Half Dozen (6-3): This is a huge game in the B division.  The ‘Nauts are hoping to win out and get one IBS slip-up to grab the Thursday B title, but they can’t forget DHD, a 6-3 team that still has an outside shot at getting in the title chase after a slow start.  Both teams will be going hard for the win.  The Slugga/Rubbys vs Hard Knox showdowns should be solid, but I think Rufio! is the difference maker.

Roll Another (6-3) -3 vs Bowlderdash (5-4):  Roll is coming off a tough loss but are still alive for the title if they win out.  They got some Lovernaut love on the board this week, but hope Bowlderadsh didn’t read it and still thinks they are tough and steely.  The Dash has had a bit of an up and down year, but Boys McCracken has been a revelation.




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  1. Oh, Pete Weber is still coming, Hungus was just alerting us to the reason that the pros are no longer allowed to drink during the Pro Ams………

  2. Pete Weber in a fist fight!! That’s freakin’ amazing. Too bad though, I was looking forward to watching his mood swings.

  3. Yeah, and I’ll clock someone again if they get lippy with me! Who do you think you are!? I aaaaaaaam!

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