Oh Hey, BoPo’s Back!

Well that was an interesting interlude.  Going to be curious to see how teams respond to that week off.  Most of us are still recovering.  Tonight we get a taste of the future with 12 full BoPo lanes late.  Here come the lines!

Game of the Night

LATE, CROSSOVER #1 LOS (8-2) -1 vs #3 Yahtzee (7-3): Well, Cheese just beat Belmo and won his ball.  How do you top that?  Yahtzee partied hard all week, and is eager to get back on the lanes against the ESPN stars of LOS.  The Tuesday A crown is out of reach but this is a great momentum game for the winner heading into the playoffs.  New national bowling sensation Nugget, fresh off her worldwide debut, should lead the way for an LOS win.  If coupled with a Linguist loss it gets them the Thursday A title.  Wait, this is a late game?  Ummm, RING THAT BELL!  RING THAT BELL! RING THAT BELL!

Early Games

Happy Hands (6-4) -3 vs Pinny Candy (5-5): Pretty sure noone from PC made it this weekend.  HHP had some representation, and Munj was already back practicing yesterday with a serious game face on.  Not much at stake here with both teams slotted for the shootout, but everyone loves a win.  Over under on finish time…7:59

#8 Guns of Brighton (5-5) -5 vs UREA (3-7): Invisible Hand is psyched to be able to come back from the workshop and be with all of us finally.  His Guns are loaded and look to relegate UREA to Sunday.  Railroad’s spare pickups now look kind of pedestrian after watching Osku.

#4 Cunning Linguists (8-2) -11 vs Granola Bowlahs (2-8): Not much to say about this one.  Rick Vaughn made for some good television in the orange getup, very Oompa Loompa.  The Linguists are pushing hard for the Thursday A crown, but will need to win out and hope LOS trips up.  This should be a (very fun and dance filled) walk in the park.

CROSSOVER #3B No Eye Deer (7-3) -3 vs Dirty Half Dozen (6-4): NED is on fire right now, knocking off all the top B squads and putting themselves back in the chase for the Tuesday B crown.  Tush Christ and Burt the Bandit are rolling.  DHD has had a nice turnaround as well and won’t be an easy playoff out.  I like NED in this one to keep their momentum going and stay alive for one more week.

CROSSOVER Wrecking Balls (3-7) -1 vs Roll Another (7-3): Upset alert!  This has always been a great rivalry since Chupacabra used to work for The Dude.  Their records are very different but team averages are similar, and Tuesday B is now 7-0 vs Thursday.  So, I’m going out on a limb and saying 8-0.

Late Games

CROSSOVER #6 Binga’s (6-4) -5 vs TDYOB (4-6): I’m not going to spoil any ESPN shows  but Binga’s had a lot of fun this weekend. Tso can still flip, and now everyone really does know Mango is clutch.  Plus Norm Duke is a giant fan, saying to me “(Hungus), how’d you know to put me with the Binga’s!”  TDYOB made plenty of friends too, and are probably equally as spent.  This could be a four hour game, but no one will mind.

CROSSOVER Sons of Danarchy (5-5) -3 vs Bowled and Beautiful (3-7): Ooh, rematch.  B&B put themselves on the BoPo map with a first round upset of a stacked SOD squad last year.  SOD would like revenge here.  They really put in work over the weekend, not sure how they’ll be feeling.  B&B could give them a run as I expect pretty low scores all night in the readjustment phase, but ultimately I like SOD to get a modicum of revenge, though it won’t measure up to a playoff game.

CROSSOVER #8 Spare of the Dog (6-4) -1 vs Body English (5-5): Well, last time we saw the Dogs they were beating the #1 team in the league 10-0.  Pretty heady stuff.  Now they face an old, former champ just trying to steady itself.  Both teams went hard this weekend.  Slow Roll got fully equipped by Storm and should have a huge game, but Coco Lopez will be waiting across the lanes.  It’s going to be a good matchup.

CROSSOVER Pinups (1-9) -3 vs Bad News Spares (1-8): Someone is getting to two wins!  The Pinups have been close a few more times and have some higher big games.  BN Spares has been feisty lately, but hard to see them winning this one.

CROSSOVER #1B Lovernauts (8-2) -1 vs ICBING (7-3): Excellent matchup.  Defending Team of the Year ICBING know how to party but may have used that all up this weekend.  Lovernauts take a party back seat to no one but may also be a little more focused on the win with a title so close they can taste it.  I think I’ll put this game next to Bingas/TDYOB for some insane action.

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