Scores and Honors

QUICK REMINDER – Players need 10 games to be eligible for playoffs, no exceptions, so if you have someone close make sure they get them in next week

Lovernauts (9-2) 8 ICBING (7-4) 7   Lovernauts came back from 7-3 down

TDYOB (5-6) 8 Bingas (6-5) 7

BEEER (6-5) 9 Spare of Dog (6-5) 6

SOD (6-5) 9 B&B (3-8) 6

Pinups (2-9) 10 BN Spares (1-9) 5

Yahtzee (8-3) 8 LOS (8-3) 7 Yahtzee came back from 7-3 down

DHD (7-4) 7.5 NED (7-4) 7.5 Hard Knox over Dirty Sylon 158-134

UREA! (4-7) 9 Guns of Brighton (5-6) 6

Cunning Linguists (9-2) 11 Granola Bowlahs (2-9) 4

Wrecking Balls (4-7) 8 Roll Another (7-4) 7

Pinny Candy (6-5) 9 Happy Hands (6-5) 9



Jamaican Jerk, Bingas 232, 213

Railroad, GOB 230

Double Cheese, LOS 226, 212

T-$, UREA! 222, 206

Munj, Happy Hands 210

Rufio, Lovernauts 207

Purple Nurple, UREA! 201

Filthy, BEER 201

Natro, BEER 201

Rubbys, Lovernauts 200

Cheddar, Yahtzee 200

12 thoughts on “Scores and Honors

  1. Ten games??!!?!?!?! Shit I am 9 short…..fuck it I will stick to winning PBA Pro Ams, it is kind of my thing……..

  2. Womp! Womp! Hear that? It’s the Guns living up to their underachieving rep. Looks like T$ took you bozos to the woodshed but could you at least put up a fight? There’s at least 5 B squads that deserve to go to the playoffs more than these guys. There should be a spot in the Shootout for the team that signed the most talent, talked the most shit and ended up with a losing record.

    1. Holy shit, what constitutes talking shit in your book? As a noted shit talker I gotta say GOB talks 0, count it, 0 shit. What planet are you from?

    2. Seriously, who on the Guns talks shit? Mayyyybe Invisible Hand on an especially cranky day, but that’s about it. And “signed the most talent”? We signed Railroad (talented, yes) and Gracer (1st BoPo season, still feelin’ it out). ?? What about the other teams that signed talent? DHD: Hard Knox? Linguists: Roo? It takes a lot to get me to participate in the shit-show that is this SmackBoard, but talking shit about my Guns will do it. go fuck yourself.

      1. So how does one tell the difference between an ‘especially cranky’ day and every other cranky day?

      2. You can usually tell when you wake up in the dumpster with shit in your pants, coffee all over yourself, and a pair of needle-nose pliers driven into your ear. Every other cranky day is just a nasty look. Ask Hard Knox.

      3. Hard Knox has a 165 average. He sucks. Not exactly talent.

      4. Say what you will, homeboy is winning games for his team. That can’t be said for some of the other ‘talent’ coming in to the league.

    3. These guys never talk trash. Whoever this moron is, way to poke the bear. Urea put up 3 200’s and have solid bowlers. So you just more or less shit on them as well. I doubt those 5 B teams you’re referring to have the ability to throw up 800 games. Don’t use Womp Womp either. That’s my fucking line dick.

  3. Anyone else take out a team that (might have beat) the pros last week? NO SPOILERS!

    Hootie Hoo!!!!

    Great match Bingas, good luck the rest of the way!

    Roll Bork!

    1. Nope. LOS choked just like they did on TV, and they couldn’t blame this loss on Nuber. Maybe Cheddar should have bet his ball with DC. Yahtzee lives up to their name and takes all five. Shout out to Nugget if you want to leave those slouches in the off season and join us.

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