Final Tuesday

Here we go, time to get some rhythm before the playoffs (which start Sunday the 12th for 24 teams!)  Still three division titles to be settled, and lot’s of positioning.  The post-PBA hangover is finally wearing off and now we get back to BoPo, for real.

Every game is a crossover.  Tuesday leads 8-3 in A and 9-2 in B.

Game of the Night

EARLY #3 L.O.S. (8-3) -1 vs #7 Body English (6-5): Two ranked teams, a quarterfinals rematch, a podcast showdown, an ESPN-bowler brouhaha, lots of ways to describe it.  L.O.S. let a win (and possibly a division crown) slip away with an 8-7 loss last Thursday to Yahtzee, but can keep their hopes alive with a win.  Body English is over .500 for the first time in two seasons, but made a playoff run last year after a worse regular season, and are starting to see solid stuff from Filthy and Slow Roll.  L.O.S. is out of their comfort zone playing on Tuesday, but Body English is out of their element playing early.  Cheese is going to lock up Top Dawg, but this team has lost some of its feel of invincibility, and Precious is out of town. Shithawk vs Tom Richards could be a deciding matchup. A win for Body English would provide great playoff momentum.

Early Games

Ball That (5-6) -1 vs Bowled & Beautiful (3-8): Ball That has had a successful 1st season in A and could finish it at .500.  Of course with a loss they could actually fall into the Sunday shootout.  B&B was 3-9 last year before coming out of Sunday and knocking off SOD in the 1st round, so they aren’t sweating it.

ICBING (7-4) -1 vs DHD (7-4): DHD got a thrilling bowl off win last week with Hard Knox edging Sylon.  Now they make their one trip to Tuesday to face a Tuesday staple ICBING.  Peanut Gutter’s crew has lost a lot of close ones but have brought the party every week and represented their Team of The Year title very well.

Roll Another (7-4) -3 vs Pinups (2-9): Roll Another lost on their home night last week and look to exact some Thursday revenge as they travel to Tuesday.  The Pinups actually pulled off the road win and now look forward to being bad hosts, and getting a little winning streak.  I think Roll Another has a little too much Package for that to happen.

#1B Lovernauts (9-2) -1 vs No Eye Deer (7-4): This is another excellent match.  The Lovernauts come to Tuesday with a chance to wrap up a division title no one saw coming.  On Thursday they battled back from 7-3 down when Rufio and Rubbys both rolled game 3 200’s, very clutch.  Win this one and it’s theirs.  Easier said than done against NED, though, as they have already knocked off most of the top B teams.  They’re a feisty bunch with Burt the Bandit, Sylon and Tush Christ.  This will be a party but with a definite edge to it.  I think the Lovernauts can taste the crown, and will do just enough to get it done.

Late Games

Wrecking Balls (4-7) -7 vs Bad News Spares (1-9): The Wreck have a two game win streak over solid teams (My Balls and Roll Another). Now looks like they could hit the Shootout on a three game win streak.  The Dude has had an excellent season and tho steam is a couple last frame breaks from a winning record.  The Spares got their win early this year.  They’ve fielded a relatively small roster by their standards, and have a lot of folks playoff eligible.  They look locked into a Shootout match with Saucy Posse.

TDYOB (5-6) -1 vs Off Constantly (4-7): Interesting battle here.  Farmer led his crew to a big win over Bingas and now hopes to knock off another banner holder.  OC has been playing better but need a win or they will be in the Shootout.  TDYOB will bring the party to Tuesday, OC will be torn…Dick will definitely join in, and if he’s ever going space helmet this is the game.

#8 Bingas (6-5) -12 vs Granola Bowlahs (2-9): Granola joined A this year for match ups like this – they are psyched to share the lanes with Binga’s and are likely already plotting pre and post parties.  Binga’s will get a win but no idea what to expect of them in the playoffs at this point.  Jerk is heating up, though.

#2 Yahtzee (8-3) -3 vs Spare of the Dog (6-5): Spare of the Dog disappeared this week after an extremely impressive 10-0 win over LOS the week before.  They are always capable of the big game and now have a solid anchor in Coco Lopez who will be consistent while the other guys take turns with big games.  Yahtzee had a huge comeback on Thursday over LOS and now look a little like the team a lot of folks picked to win the title.  I think they’ll take care of business in this one, but not in a blowout.

Sons of Danarchy (6-5) -3 vs UREA! (4-7): Which SOD team will show up?  If UREA bowls like last week then it may not matter as they showed their best rolling of the whole season.  T-$ started the season hot, then wen’t into a terrible, weeks long slump, but last week threw a couple 200s again.  Nurple showed up big too.  SOD is only getting consistency from The Dentist right now, but they should hold serve on their home night.


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