1st Round Playoff Schedule

Usually I wait til Sunday to reveal the BoPo bracket, but with so many requests for scheduling info I’m listing your match ups and game times for the first round. Good luck. All Sweet 16 games are on Tuesday, 4/21. Quarters and Semis are both played on Thursday, 4/23. Of course the Finals and the Bowling Ball party are Saturday, 4/25. This year’s Bowling Ball theme is ‘Space’.

Tuesday 4/14: Early games
Guns of Brighton vs Off Constantly
Back In Black vs DHD/NED winner
Sons of Danarchy vs UREA!
XXX Club vs Roll Another/Nuts winner

Tuesday 4/14: Late Games
Binga’s vs Granola Bowlahs/Pinups winner
Yahtzee vs BILF/Happy Hands winner
Body English vs Bowled & Beautiful
Strikes of Hazzard vs B.U.I.

Thursday 4/16: Early Games
Cunning Linguists vs Budwesiers/Pinny Candy winner
Lovernauts vs My Balls/Lesbowlians winner
Spare of the Dog vs Saucy Posse/Bad News Spares winner
L.O.S. vs ICBING/Bowlderdash winner

Thursday 4/16: Late Games
Incredibowls vs I.B.S./Wrecking Balls winner
Guacabowle vs Pud’s Taxi/Cape Fear winner
Leisure Rolls vs Splits Happen/5 O’s winner
TDYOB vs Ball That

4 thoughts on “1st Round Playoff Schedule

  1. Was posted on facebook.
    11:00am: saucy posse vs bad news spares, cape fear vs puds, icbing vs bowlderdash, happy hands vs bilf, dirty half vs no eye deer

    12:30am: granola vs pinups, my balls vs lesbowlians, splits happen vs 5 oclock, roll another vs nuts, budweisers vs pinny candy

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