Sweet 16 Matchups

Well the lack of upsets in the first round leads to a lot of great 2nd round match ups.

All games are Tuesday night

Early Games

Leisure Rolls (9-4) vs BEER (7-6)

L.O.S. (10-3) vs Strikes of Hazzard (6-6)

Sons of Danarchy (8-5) vs Saucy Posse (6-8)

Back In Black (11-2) vs My Balls (10-3)

Late Games

Cunning Linguists (11-2) vs Incredibowls (10-3)

Bingas (8-5) vs Cape Fear (6-8)

Yahtzee (10-3) vs Guns of Brighton (6-7)

XXX Club (8-4) vs TDYOB (6-7)


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