Half The Lines

I’m a little too close to the situation to neutrally predict the left half of the bracket so Thunder is working on that and I will post soon.  But I can do the right side.

Back in Black (12-2) -3 vs Sons Of Danarchy (9-5): BIB has had a cakewalk so far.  They earned it with a 10-2 regular season in Tuesday A.  They are dominating the poll of who wins the title.  They have overcome the loss of Stevie with a solid free agent, Brooklyn.  The Guuterboi family has been excellent, and Bama has the prettiest throw in the league this side of Hazzard.  Now they get what should be their first test, though I think Sons is still without their namesake Danny Diesel because he’s posting petting zoo pictures from Florida as recently as two days ago.  McStriker, time to return to form.  The Dentist has been very solid but sometimes gets too amped (see the BEER game).  Dwayne Luther needs to emerge and Booth needs to show why he has more titles than all of us.  I think SOD can hang, and BIB has not been pushed at all yet so this will be their first test.  BIB will advance, but it will be closer than people think.

XXX Club (9-4) -1 vs Hazzard (7-6): I know everyone is on the Hazzard bandwagon after they had an excellent win over the defending champs Tuesday.  That said XXX Club has the 2nd most votes to win it all.  Hazzard got past LOS behind amazing rolling from LB Davenport, sure, but they also got excellent contributions from Candy Dix and Uncle Jesse.  Candy Dix I trust to do it again but Uncle Jesse is far less predictable.  They are also battling a Club team that is deeper than Precious-less LOS.  Either Tango or E-Minor could be battling LB, and Roadhouse is an excellent bowler who could go off at any moment.  Bora was an all-star and may be able keep up with Candy.  Then there is the energy guy, Herk.  I’ll bet money he opens with a strike.  This game should be amazing to watch, but the Club is on a mission.  I like the Club in a squeaker.


Well I’m predicting an imaginary matchup, but I like XXX Club 9-6 over BIB.  The Club lost in the semis last year on a miracle shot by Precious.  This year they have better camaraderie, a lefty, and a chip on their shoulders.  Get ready for some drunken Tango screaming after he knee slides, and E-Minor may even smile.

XXX Club to the finals to face…(stay tuned for Thunder’s left side lines)

2 thoughts on “Half The Lines

  1. Hold the phone there tide roller, don’t we both have a match to win beforehand? I mean I know Danny is in Florida but I doubt SOD is gonna forfeit.

  2. BIB has some revenge coming for Turkey Club this year. I was not there last year and that’s why they won that matchup!

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