The Finals

Binga’s (11-5) vs Back In Black (14-2)

Can’t complain about this matchup.  Two teams going for their second banner.  The team of destiny vs the team of dominance.  With Back in Black it’s actually kind of amazing they don’t have more titles, they were dominant for years with Stevie but only grabbed one banner.  Brooklyn, the new guy, has been the playoff MVP so far, or maybe Gutterboy’s Mom.  Still, they are looking for a 2nd title in three years and could easily be starting a dynasty.  Binga’s has been out of the spotlight for a long time before this year.  They once looked like a dynasty, going undefeated and winning it all in 2009, and undefeated again in 2010 before a finals loss.  Since the move to Bayside they hadn’t seen the finals.  Now they are back, with only Jerk and Mango from the last title team and Mango won’t even be there.  They have been the team of destiny all year, pulled off a miracle comeback in round 1 when it looked like they’d lose to Granola, and now find themselves back on the big stage.

BIB has been putting up big scores and cruising, with only SOD pushing them to game 3.  Binga’s has been getting into grinder games where clutch spares in late frames actually matter.  If BIB is rolling strikes at the pace they have been then late spares won’t matter.  Binga’s showed in game 3 vs GOB they can still go big, and they’ll need to, BIB won’t play in the low 600s.  I’m not setting a line, just want to see what the crowd votes.

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