Opening Night

Seems crazy to say but opening night is here.  Alas, I will be out of town.  I’m headed to Oregon where I may have a meeting with Bryon Smith to discuss bringing him back as the 3rd keeper on The Lumberjacks.

Trying to write up draft teams this early is hard.  Hopefully this season is like last season where just about everyone was 5-7, 6-6, or 7-5.  Maybe one or two teams have excellent or crappy records but these are always evenly matched teams.  The pattern is a lot easier than BoPo (5:1) but still a little tougher than standard league shots.  Oh, and you’ll get an official average, whoop de doo!

I see a couple of teams that look really strong to me.  E-Minor’s group looks great.  A lefty at the top of the lineup, the Boner Jamz brothers of Nuber and Stiffy who are already a tight knit unit, and Rubby’s to keep things loose (and dominate other teams’ 4th dude).  Marne Asada is a quiet killer and Roll Slow will be looking to make a name for herself since she has kind of appropriated someone else’s.  Then there’s McStriker’s crew.  She’s got Railroad and title hound Diesel, along with Filthy McNasty and a hungry T-Club protege in Rowengartner.  Her other woman, LaShooz, has already played with Diesel and McStriker.  This team will gel immediately.   I suppose we should also look out for Hexy’s team since she grabbed last year’s winning duo of Jerk and Tso.  Dick du Jour, Peanut and Uncle Jesse aren’t a bad way to round out a squad.

So, that’s my top 3 going in. Good luck tonight.  Jason will be DJing week one, and I’ll be waiting for text updates!  Next week I’ll start doing some game by game analysis, but this week, just the lines.

Early Games

Duke Thunderwood (-3) vs Cro Magnon

T-Square (-3) vs Hot Pocket

Spidey (-1) vs Xander Rolle

Nutter Gutter (-3) vs Colucci Kid

Late Games

Hexy (-1) vs Rick Vaughn

McStriker (-1) vs Dick Liquor

Walter (-3) vs Samsquampch

E-Minor (-3) vs Brandy

Roadhouse (-1) vs Beanpole



7 thoughts on “Opening Night

  1. Thunder are you talking to yourself again?

    How did you pick up that spare? That was a great shot. What did you have going into the 7th frame?

  2. Remember when that loud mouthed asshole got drafted early in the second round with his one game 166 “average” and his “PBA Pro Am Title”? What a douche! Well that fucking loser averaged 165.5 tonight and choked away the tenth frame in both games. We were right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. That old fucker is back in the league?

      Jesus, that guy is killing our average age. Doesn’t that tool know Hungus is pushing us as a certain aged demographic. Just retire grandpa.

      1. I too thought he had moved onto something else.

        Great, another year reading about how well he rolled. I guess we won’t be reading about that much. 165.5 is average, especially for someone that has been practicing quite a lot.

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