Week 2

Well looks like you guys had a nice time with this pattern.  Tons of big scores.  Nice work.  Special shout out to Roadhouse who averaged 230 and his team which averaged 726.  Pretty good stuff right there.  Looks like all those seasons of brutal patterns are paying off.

Last week: 7-2

Season: 7-2

Game of the Night

EARLY: Hexy (1-0) -1 vs McStriker (1-0): Both teams looked great, big numbers all around, including a 246 from McStriker in her team’s comeback.  I’m going with Hexy since the Binga’s boys are defending draft champs and still crushing it.

Early Games

Walter (1-0) -1 vs Slow Roll (0-0): Walter’s crew picked up a nice win with only four players, with Tango’s game 3 247 providing the highlight.  No idea yet what to expect on the Slow Roll side since they are coming off an opening night bye (and vacation).

Duke T (1-0) -1 vs Spidey (1-0): Both teams started hot.  Spidey didn’t help his own cause but God of Thunder’s 231 and Baller’s 190+ average did the trick.  Duke led the way for his team with a near 200 average, and Natro chipped in a  solid 246 game. Should be a good match for the early lead in the division.

Hot Pocket (1-0) -5 vs Beanpole (0-1): Hot Pocket’s team averaged over 700 in week one.  Pretty damn solid.  They’ll face a Beanpole team that got a few 200’s out of the Busta/Sothpaw combo but will need a couple more this week.

Late Games

Dick’s Picks (0-1) -3 vs Rick Vaughn (0-1): Cheddar (226 avg) vs Bama (217) highlights this matchup.  Both teams are coming off big losses, but there is usually very little week to week carry over in draft league.  Let’s hope the two aces get to showdown in a  bowl off.

Brandy (1-0) -3 vs Automatic (0-0): Automatic put up a nice 288 during his bye week to earn free bowling, now he leads his team into their first game.  They’ll play Brandy’s crew which held on to a 7-3 lead to edge E_minor 8-7.

T-Square (0-1) -1 vs Xander (0-1): T-Square’s team was unlucky enough to only get 4 points despite a 653 average.  They’ll probably get a few more tonight and Cheese is due for the 230/240 games seen so regularly in week 1.  Xander got 1 200 from El Hombre, but looks like this season teams are going to need several a night to win.

Colucci Kid (0-1) -1 vs Cro Magnon (0-1): These two teams had the lowest averages in the league.  That could be a one week fluke but it sure would help one of them to grab  win in this one before things start piling up.  Viking should rebound, so I’m reluctantly picking the Kids.

Roadhouse (1-0) -3 vs Bangzone (1-0): This looks like an awesome matchup.  I already mentioned Roadhouse and his team’s ridiculous averages, they were all on fire with Sparetime sitting on a 196.5 average and Slugga already with a couple 200s.  Nutter Gutter’s crew is no slouch and Gutterboy looks like he’ll be posting monster scores all season.  He’ll need a little help to keep up in this one.


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