Week 3

Well folks settled down a little bit after that torrid start, but we still have 8 folks in the 200’s and 8 in the 190’s.  Nice to play on a pattern almost as easy as most other leagues.  Of course you have to have big nights to advance, no sneaking by anyone.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many 6 baggers at the same time on a BoPo night.  Shout out to Diesel who had a 240+ and a 260+ game in his team’s narrow loss.

Last Week: 6-3

Season: 13-5

Game of the Week

LATE: Hot Pocket (2-0) -1 vs BangZone (1-1): NG’s crew fell by just one point to a powerful Roadhouse crew, now they get the other team off to a killer start, 2-0 Hot Pocket. The Precious vs Gutterboi battle should be epic assuming Precious shows up.  HP sub Dwayne Luther was awesome in relief, he just has to hope they only have three other players so he can get back in the lineup.

Early Games

Minor Threat (0-1) -1 vs Rolling Thunder Review (1-0): Both teams already have their bye behind them so look to get in a groove.  The Threats should get a bounce back performance from the Boner Bros, and I like them to get in the win column.  Automatic’s crew had a great night from Pauly, let’s see if he can build on the hot start this year.

Dick’s Picks (1-1) -3 vs Swett Band (1-1): Dick’s has been led by Bama, of course, but has also had strong starts from G-Unit and Hard Knox.  Brandy is shorthanded, and will look to her rookie ace Crackerjack who should be motivated by the Bama matchup.  If not this one will be over quickly.

MCstriker (1-1) -1 vs Slow Roasted (0-1): McStriker’s team rolls into this one with the league’s top average at a very solid 687, but somehow only a 1-1 record.  They’ll have their Captain back for this one, and if Diesel is anything like last week, look out.  Oh, plus Railroad.  These guys are loaded.  Slow Roasted may take a while to warm up, and face a tough couple weeks.  The Supah Deep alumni will have to recapture the magic.

Wolverines (2-0) -3 vs Mamma Mia Pizzeria (0-2): Roadhouse is still leading the league in average, and really didn’t fall that far from his sensational week 1.  He’s got a good surrounding crew and is chucking the ball really well.  The Pizzerias need a huge week from Viking and Seatown to avoid an 0-3 start that, while it won’t end their chances, will certainly be a tough hole to climb out of.

Late Games

Lincoln Logs (1-1) -1 vs Spidey (2-0): Cheese bounced back as expected last week for the Logs, and looks to keep his late pattern success going.  Mokiki and Gutterslut are also having pretty solid early seasons.  Spidey drafted a team entirely comprised of B division players and is sticking it in everyone’s face with a 2-0 start.  Nice work.  His team came back to the pack a little last week but still picked up the win.  They’ll likely thrive on the underdog role all year.

Xander’s Rolles (0-2) -1 vs Bayside Hookers (1-1):  Xander’s team has the 60 pin average advantage in this one and is desperate for a win.  Oz looks like he could lead them to a few of those.  Cro Magnon’s Hookers are 1-1 despite the league low average.  Their first round draft pick, Knuckles, is leading the team in average, but she’ll need some help soon.  Maybe it’s one of those big T-$ nights.

Thunderwood (1-1) -1 vs Beanpole (0-2): Duke and nAtro is proving to be a nice pairing to start the season.  Beanpole has Busta and Southpaw who are due for a big week between them, and the team needs a win soon.  I’ll go with Duke by a nose.

Bowling Stones (2-0) -3 vs Squampch (0-1): The Binga’s train just keeps chugging along.  Tso and Jerk haven’t lost adrift league game in ages.  Squampch’s team will present a solid challenge to the streak but until they lose the Bing Bros are my pick.




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