Week 4

The season is moving right along.  I figure 5-5 is a playoff record, maybe a 4-6 team sneaks in, but picking up a 4th loss this early will really be tough for any team to overcome.  Also psyched to announce the 1st (I think) Draft League All-Star game, Hanover vs Alder, on Tuesday October 6th.


On to the games

Game of the Week

Early: Wolverines (3-0) -1 vs Lincoln Logs (2-1): This is a great matchup.  Roadhouse has been dominant so far, even last week when a lot of people fell back to their averages a bit.  He gets a battle against reigning BoPo Top Dawg Double Cheese who also had a solid night and has battled back after  slow week 1.  Both teams have surprising number 2’s, with the Wolverines leaning on Sparetime and the Logs building on Mokiki.  I think Deputy finally breaks out in this one to provide the margin of victory.

Early Games

Casual Encounters (1-1) -1 vs Swett Band (2-1):  Brandy has somehow guided her team to a 2-1 start with serious attendance issues.  This week it may get even worse.  She’ll be scouring the waiver wire for a 4th bowler with The Dude out of town, Shifter still in the bayou and Roy G nursing a ‘lower body’ injury.  Squampch always seizes opportunities.  He wins this one on depth with a fun Sparkles vs Crackerjack battle at the top of the order.

Minor Threat (1-1) -5 vs Slow Roasted (0-2): The Roast is coming off a 13-2 thrashing that saw their average drop 30 pins to a dismal 595.  Minor Threat picked up a win and got their game going.  This seems like a trap game where Minor Threats will underperform but Nuber always rises up against Hungus and they’ll have more than enough o get the win.

Bean Pole (0-3) -1 vs Spidey (2-1): Upset alert!  The Pole has their back against the wall at 0-3, but they actually have a better average than their 2-1 opponents.  Bustah and Southpaw are both due for breakout games.  God of Thunder has been a revelation for Spidey’s crew looking like a Hanover all-star.

Late Games

Full Beaver Contact (2-0) -5 vs Rolling Thunder Review (1-1):  Walter’s gang is 2-0 and looks to stay undefeated coming off their bye week.  Tango has been excellent (along with his other T-Clubbers, a storyline to watch).  Automatic’s crew had good karma and a good start but now are all in their own heads and overthinking the shot. That’s nota  good indicator.

McStriker (2-1) -7 vs Rick Vaughn (0-2): The number 1 average in the league vs the number 20 average in the league.  This is the biggest mismatch possible, on paper.  McStriker has a powerhouse on her hands with multiple aces.  Ricky needs to give ’em the heater, spread the Cheddar and launch the Space Farmer.

Hot Pocket (3-0) -5 vs Cro Magnon (2-1): Hot Pocket stayed undefeated thanks to Precious pulling out the win over G-Boi in the season’s first roll off.  Cro Magnon somehow has two wins with the second lowest team average in the league.  They are efficient, but this one will be tough to sneak through.

Bangzone (1-2) -1 vs F-Use (0-3): Bangzone was on the other side of the bolwoff, but can get things back on track with a win here to get to 500.  A loss and all of the sudden they’re in trouble and the bowl off looms large.  Xander’s team hasn’t got it going yet but they should at least have Oz for this one to give them a puncher’s chance.

Six Strings (2-1) -3 vs Mamma Mia Pizzeria (0-3): Another 0-3 team desperate for a win, but another 0-3 team I’m picking against.  Duke Thunderwood is off to a sensational start and has been getting plenty of big games from his top pick Natro.  Meanwhile Viking has yet to have a breakout game for Mamma Mia…no time like the present, Vike!






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