Crossover Week…

Quick, can you name what division you’re in?  Well tonight it’s a battle for division supremacy even if you didn’t realize it.  Crossover week, and no byes!  There will be a little more division bonding too with the all-star game in a few weeks.  Alder vs Hanover…it’s on!  To spice it up, winning division gets a free pitcher of beer for each of their ten teams next week.  Good luck. (If it’s a 5-5 tie, beer only for the team wight the highest total pins on the night, and for what it’s worth I do have it predicted at 5-5)

Last Week: 6-3

Season: 25-11

Game of the Week

HANOVER Wolverines (4-0) -1 vs ALDER Bowling Stones (2-1)

These are two very serious title contenders.  Roadhouse has had the top average in the league all 4 weeks and has his team undefeated, even with Deputy still not getting on track.  Lucky for them Sparetime and Slugga are providing great games and Shooter McGill is her usual all-star self.  The Stones have had two weeks to dwell on their  first loss of the season, but they feature last year’s draft champ duo of Jerk and General Tso.  This should be a back and forth affair but I’ll take the average leader in a close one.

Early Games

ALDER Slow Roasted (1-2) -3 vs HANOVER Mamma Mia Pizzeria (0-4): After 5 straight games under 600, Slow Roasted rolled an 853 in game 3 last week to rally for their first win (and hold a record for around 20 minutes). They’ll be without Slow Roll tonight however so there is an opening for a Mamma Mia team desperate for a win.

ALDER Swett Band (2-2) -1 vs HANOVER Bang Zone (2-2): Shifter Pawl makes his debut tonight for his eponymous team.  He and Brandy will be motivated to take down their 2015 BoPo Captain Dr. Thunder. The Dude has been a big weapon for them too with a few 200’s and other solid games.  Gutterboy will lead the BangZone but should get a battle from Crackerjack at the top.  This game looks like another nail biter and possible 2nd bowl off for Bangzone.

HANOVER Spidey (3-1) -1 vs ALDER Rolling Thunder Review (1-2): Spidey’s B division all stars are off to a nice 3-1 start and look like slight favorites in this one.  Spidey has actually missed a few games but God of Thunder and Tilt A Whirl have been doing some heavy lifting.  Automatic left last week screaming expletives, he seems rattled.  That doesn’t bode well at this early point in the season.

ALDER Turd Burglars (3-1) -3 vs HANOVER Bayside Hookers (3-1): The Hookers have been the surprise of the season.  First rounder Knuckles has delivered with a few 200s and an average that would have her make the men’s all-start squad.  She’ll battle the current number one woman int he league, McStriker.  I don’t think the Hookers have anyone to keep up with the Railroad-Diesel-Filthy triumvirate, but they’ve made a season of upsets so far.

HANOVER Lincoln Logs (2-2) -1 vs ALDER Dick’s Picks Vol. 6 (1-2): This looks like an excellent matchup.  Bama vs Double Cheese obviously highlights the match ups, but there are plenty other interesting pairings.  Dick Liquor is due for a big game and the subsequent dancing is something the league has been waiting for.  Hard Knox is having a solid season, and he’ll battle Gutterslut.  Logs’ Mokiki is making a bid to get drafted to a BoPo team with his 163 average.  I’m going with the Cheese in a close one.

Late Games

ALDER Full Beaver Contact (3-0) -5 vs HANOVER Beanpole (0-4): Well it certainly looks like a mismatch.  FBC snatched Slow Roasted’s record one game later with a very impressive team score of 866.  They will be without Nugget tonight but Beaver has been pretty solid herself.  Tango is still in the mix for Top Dawg, chasing his BoPo teammate Roadhouse (lookout for T-Club in 16?) Beanpole’s team needs a miracle, but they have big guns in Busta and Southpaw who could conceivably get them there. Season on the line time.

HANOVER Hot Pocket (3-1) -5 vs ALDER Ask Me How I Roll (0-3): Another potential mismatch.  Precious and Hot Pocket have a solid team and will be merciless against a struggling opponent.  Rick Vaughn needs to get things turned around fast.  Cheddar will have to be at the top of his game and Farmer needs to make a move up the standings too.

ALDER Casual Encounters (3-1) -3 vs HANOVER F-Use (0-4): Xander’s teams usually outperform expectations but this edition is still looking for week one.  Well, no time like the present, as an 0-5 start is pretty much game over for playoff hopes.  Squampch also has a record of overachieving.  His team is in a much better spot at 2-1, and Sparkles should be able to lead them to another win.

HANOVER Six Strings (3-1) -1 vs ALDER Minor Threat (1-2): It’s time to take Duke Thunderwood seriously as a top tier BoPo bowler. He had a great start last season but faded a bit, but this Draft League he has been consistent over time and is sitting in 7th place overall.  Teamed up with Natro that’s a strong 1-2 punch.  Minor Threat had a very E-Minor night last week, with an average team going crazy, and one game finishing with three splits in a row.  They’ll have to shake off the hangover quickly.


2 thoughts on “Crossover Week…

  1. I will win Top Dawg, my team will win draft league, and then The Club will win BoPo 16. After all of this you will finally recognize me for what I am. The best damn bowler you ever had the pleasure of meeting! Honestly, I should have been drafted first!

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