Beavers and Wolverines

Two undefeated teams still…pretty impressive for a league that usually has a lot of parity.  Both teams are lead by a T-Clubber too…interesting.  2016 Team of Destiny?

Game of the Week

Full Beaver (6-0) -3 vs Swett Band (4-3): The Beaver’s 6-0 record right now is even more impressive than the Wolverines seeing as the Wolverines are the only team in Hanover whose team average wouldn’t be last place in Alder.  They get a challenge tonight form Crackerjack who is coming off a 699 last week and has moved into the top 3.  He’ll battle number 5 Tango in what should be a good contest.  Nugget vs Brandy should be an excellent battle, and Walter has been good for one great game a week (And usually one crappy one, with an average one in between).  I think the Beaver’s have the magic right now, and I’ll take them to win again.

Early Games

Minor Threat (4-2) -1 vs Bowling Stones (2-4):  E-Minor is the only T-CLub guy without an undefeated team but 4-2 is still pretty solid.  They catch the Stones while they are telling with last years Team of Destiny guys both strangely struggling.

Casual Encounters (4-2) -1 vs Turd Burglars (5-2): The Encounters lost last week with Sparkles in Vegas but he’s back this week and the rest of that lineup falls into place nicely with their ace around.  The Burglars may have the advantage of the short bench tonight so they can get a rhythm going, but I like Squampch’s crew to pull off the win between two solid playoff teams.

Dick’s Picks (3-3) -3 vs Slow Roasted (1-5): Dick’s caught a nice break last week with Sparkles gone to get a much needed win.  Now they have a golden opportunity to move toward a playoff bid against the struggling Slow Roast.  The Roast has blown leads of 4.5-.5, and 4-1 the last few weeks.  They’ve also been witness to Viking’s 750, Sparkles 663 and Crackerjack’s 699 against them three weeks in a  row.  They bring out folks’ best, so look for Bama to blow up the scoreboard.

Late Games

Rolling Thunder Review (3-3) -5 vs AMHIR (0-6): And then there was one.  Last week saw F-USe and the Beaners get their first wins, AMHIR is still waiting.  This may be their best chance as they play the 2nd worst team average in the division, but the gap is still pretty big.  Cheddar is starting to put up some big, Cheddar-like numbers, but the rest of the team hasn’t gotten on track.  RTR has Automatic on free bowling week and a very motivated Pauly Ringwald looking to show the league he is a solid free agent pickup.  I’ll take them to win big.

Mamma Mia (2-5) -1 vs Defilers (4-3):  The Pizzas are still hanging on to some playoff dreams but are in desperation mode.  All-star hero Viking will need to lead the way again to keep them alive.  The Defilers are up and down, partially due to Precious’ unpredictable schedule.  I’m guessing he’s out of town tonight but I have no idea.

Lincoln Logs (2-4) -1 vs Bang Zone (4-3): Double Cheese will probably not have a game like last week for the rest of the year.  I except a giant bounce back performance.  G-Boi has also been struggling for a few weeks in a row to get it going and should bounce back, but his mom is on the other side and she’ll be ready to slap him down.

Beanpolers (1-6) -1 vs Bayside Hookers (4-2): I think that Beanpole’s team rallies for a win with her out.  Here’s hoping her good health returns.  The Hookers will play well but they face an inspired crew.

Six Strings (4-2) -3 vs F-Use (1-6): Xander led his team to their first win of the season last week but will be hard pressed to double that up against Duke’s mellow team.  The Strings have had a week off for oft-injured Natro’s ankle to heal up and Duke still has an outside shot at Top Dawg if a few guys stumble.

Wolverines (6-0)  -3 vs Spidey (4-3): And the beat goes on, da da da da da.



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