Totally spaced on the lines…

No byes this week, playoff teams are coming into focus.

Early Games

Beanpole (1-7) -1 vs F-Use (1-7): This is one of two toilet bowls of the week as both divisions see last place match ups.  Good times.

Lincoln Logs (3-4) -3 vs Mamma Mia Pizzeria (2-6): The Logs had a huge win last week to stay in the playoff chase.  Mamma Mia, despite Viking’s excellent rolling, is playing out the string at this point,

Wolverines (7-0) -3 vs Defilers (5-3): The Wolverines have managed to stay undefeated even after two weeks without their Captain. They should have him back this week, and that should be enough to keep the team undefeated.

Spidey (4-4) -1 vs Bayside Hookers (5-2): Cro Magnon’s Hookers are the biggest surprise in the league, maximizing a 621 average to sit at 5-2.  I think Spidey’s team should be able to stop them, but I’ve been wrong picking against the Hookers before.

Late Games

Six Strings (5-2) -1 vs BangZone (4-4): I have to offer a correction, I had called out Gutterboy’s off night when in fact he had averaged a 200.  That’s the price of high expectations for a 2 time kingshit, 7 time restaurant league champ, 2 time doubles champ, 2 time bopo champ.  So to make it up I’ll pick his team to lose since I know they get off on the underdog thing.

Casual Encounters (5-2) -3 vs Rolling Thunder Review (3-4): The Encounters are a very different team with Sparkles around, and I think he’s around.  RTR facing a lot of question marks as many of their members are part of the BoPo 2016 rumor mill.

AMHIR (1-6) -1 vs Slow Roasted (1-6): The other toilet bowl.  At least AMHIR broke into the own column last week so there are no winless teams left.

Sweet Band (5-3) -1 vs Bowling Stones (2-5): Swett Band is playoff bound, the Stones are in a world of hurt after their bowl off loss last week. This may be the nail in the coffin.  Crackerjack making his move for top dawg, has the narrow lead with three weeks to go.

Full Beaver (6-1) -3 vs Dick’s Picks (4-3): The Beavers finally took a loss, albeit in a bowl off.  They should get back on track this week.  Bama is also battling for Top Dawg in what promises to be an exciting finish.

Minor Threat (5-2) -1 vs Turd Burglars (5-3): Huge bowl off win for E-Minor last week.  Both these teams are playoff bound so the pressure is kind of off, but Minor Threat could potentially still win the division.



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