Is this a…what day is this?

Well look at that, it’s Thursday.  Color me spaced out.  Let me go over the implications of the games this evening.

In the Alder division, 4 playoff spots are secure, nut a lot of shuffling for the top 2 spots (which get 1st round byes).  Direct Beaver Contact clinches the division with a win, but could fall all the way to 4th with a loss.  Minor Threat and Swett Band make the playoffs with wins, Bowling Stones and Rolling Thunder need wins and some help but are still alive.

Turd Burglars (6-3) -1 vs Swett Band (5-4): Swett needs it for playoffs, Turd is in but likely gets a playoff bye with a win.

Bowling Stones (4-5) -1 vs Dick’s Picks (6-3): Stones slim hopes alive with a win.  Bama in the hunt for Top Dawg.

Direct Beaver Contact (7-2) -5 AMHIR (2-7): DBC goes for the division crown, Rick Vaughn tries to play spoiler.

Casual Encounters (6-3) -1 vs Minor Threat (5-4): Exact same situation as Turd vs Swett game

Rolling Thunder (4-5) -1 vs Slow Roasted (1-8): RTR can make playoffs if Stones and Swett lose and they get a lot of points.  Slow Roasted, well, they wear orange.

In the Hanover Division the Wolverines have clinched the title, with Defilers and Bang Zone also in the playoffs.  Everything else up for grabs.

Lincoln Logs (5-4) -1 vs Six Strings (5-4): Both teams are in, nothing to play for  except pride.

Mamma Mia (2-7) -3 vs Beanpole (1-8): Viking may still be looking for a doubles partner.

Defilers (6-3) -3 vs F-USe (2-7): Defilers clinch the #2 spot and a playoff bye with 6.5 points or more

Wolverines (8-1) -5 Hookers (5-4) : Hookers need 4 points to make playoffs.  If they only get 3, Spideys make the playoffs.  Could be close!




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