When we have three way ties, the tiebreaker is points.  In Hanover, the top two 5-5 point getters made the playoffs, and the third was left out.  In Alder, the top two 5-5 teams had the same amount of points, so they will play a one game play-in next Thursday at 5:30.

Thursday, Nov 12

Early Games

GM1: #3H Defilers vs winner play-in (Bowling Stones vs Minor Threat)

GM2: #3A Turd Burglars vs #6H Spideys

GM3: #4H BangZone vs #5A Swett Band

GM4: #4A Dicks Picks vs #5H Six Strings

Late Games

#1A Casual Encounters vs Winner GM 3

#1H Wolverines vs Winner GM 4

#2A Direct Beaver Contact vs Winner GM 1

#2H Lincoln Logs vs Winner GM 2

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