Well, 7 teams are already done, and 9 more will be finished tonight.  We have a one game play-in for the last playoff spot, then prelims early and quarterfinals late.  Here we go!


Bowling Stones (5-5) -1 vs Minor Threat (5-5): Well it’s just one game so anything could happen.  I’m guessing fatherhood has Stiffy tired, and E-Minor often suffers cruel twists of fate.


#6A Bowling Stones (5-5) -1 vs #3A Defilers (6-4): Simply going with the higher average team in this one.  The Stones will be riding high off their prelim win and advance to the quarters.

#3A Turd Burglars (6-4) -3 vs #6H Spideys (5-5): The Burglars have a playoff ready roster with lots of championship experience.  The Spideys are gutty and play with a chip on their shoulder from being all B division players.  The Spideys will keep it close, but the Burglars have too much in reserve.

#5A Swett Band (5-5) -1 vs #4H BangZone (6-4): BangZone had a bye week last week to rest up, or get rusty.  The Swett Band has a 40 pin higher team average, and they have Crackerjack.  G-Boi should get up for the challenge from the new bull in the paddock.  This is the game of the prelims, would make for a fantastic bowl off.

#4A Dick’s Picks (6-4) -3 vs #5H Six Strings (5-5): Dick’s Picks plays with a bit of an edge, while Six Strings is the mellowest team in the playoffs.  I’m taking Bama and the slight edge, though Duke Thunderwood has the ability to step up and be the difference maker for his team here.


Now I’m projecting imaginary matchups

#1H Wolverines (9-1) -3 Vs #4A Dick’s Picks (6-4): The Wolverines have been dominant over in the Hanover division.  Will they waltz through the playoffs?  Roadhouse had a great season, but it was excellent depth from Deputy, Slugga and Sparetime along with a lights out woman in Shooter McGill that kept them cruising.  I think they handle whoever reaches them in the quarters.

#1A Casual Encounters (6-4) -1 vs #5A Swett Band (5-5): The Encounters snuck into first wight the late fall of Beaver.  Sparkles has been excellent, but they have had big games from all kinds of folks.  Samsquampch leads this team past Swett Band despite a 700 series from Crackerjack.

#6A Bowling Stones (5-5) -1 vs #2A Direct Beaver Contact (6-4): Tango and the Beavers have been slipping late, and whoever they play will be coming off a win and feeling good.  I have the Stones making the unlikely run to the semis.

#3A Turd Burglars (6-4) -3 vs #2H Lincoln Logs (6-4): The Burglars will be warmed up and ready to roll.  The Logs’ Double Cheese had a sensational last week of the season (including a 280!) and should be able to grab top points, but the Burglars are too deep with McStriker, Filthy, Rowengartner and LaShooz behind their 1-2 of Railroad and Diesel.

4 thoughts on “Playoffs

  1. Come to find out there is truth to this rumor.

    Good ol’ Hungus is at it again. Not even bowling on his birthday because he ate (drafted) the beans he has conjured up new rules to give us a one game bowl-in and I for one love it!!!!


  2. Still think it is crazy that Minor Threat hasn’t the lodged a complaint about having different standing tie breaking rules in draft league compared to BoPo. As the rules page states “Standings tiebreaker: 1) head to head (if a two way tie, or multi-team tie where one team beat all the others that are tied) 2) total points 3) team average”. Minor threat beat both Bowling Stones and RTR in the regular season. Is the cruel twist of fate you are talking about?

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