Team Previews 1 and 2: TDYOB & Splits Happen

TDYOB – Thursday A: Captain – Dr. Thunder

 TDYOB came into the league in 2010
the last year of Yankee Lanes before the huge arcade and
laser tag pit. Honestly who the hell still plays Laser

We still have 4 of the 6 original members with Munson and
Spooky having logged every year along with Thunder who
quasi-retired last year and the return of Sneaky Pete who
had a cameo with Guacabowle last season. Rounding out the
roster in BoPo IX is Space Farmer who joined the team in
2012 when we had a glorious run to the semi finals.

The reining team of the year has a not so new look in 2016
as ITZ, Pistol Pete, Brandy, LouDawg, and Shifter all move
on to greener pastures and proud we are of all of

As always the squad is just looking to hang out, have a few
laughs, drink a few beers if we happen to win a couple games
 along the way so be it.

Roll Bork!

Splits Happen – Tuesday B: Captain – Xander Rolle

Splits Happen, while not one of the original founding teams in BoPo, has been around since those early, dark days at Yankee Lanes.  Okay, so we don’t have one of those illustrious banners hanging on the wall (yet) and haven’t always been comprised of the most accomplished bowlers.  I dare say our roster over the years has been filled with some of the most accomplished Mainers.  Hell, our matriarch and benefactor in the early days was none other than Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and co-captained by her Senior Advisor/Communications Director, Willy Ritch.  We’ve had the best damn car salesman in the state (Adam Lee) on our roster, along with the best damn designers in the state, Angela Adams and Sherwood Hamill.  But this is a new Splits Happen, we don’t legislate, we don’t sell cars, and we don’t design shit.  We fucking bowl.

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