Team Previews 5 & 6: The Lion’s Den and Lesbowlians

The Lion’s Den – Thursday B: Captain – Rick Vaughn

Welcome to the party, fools.  Rick Vaughn is back with his 2nd expansion team.  Having captained the expansion Granola Bowlahs in both Thursday B in 2014 (after a restaurant league title* in the summer of 2013) and Thursday A in 2015, he couldn’t have been more excited to be given the opportunity to start up a new team as BoPo looks to strengthen its hold on the winter weeknight party scene of our fair metropolis.
The Lion’s Den draws its spiritual influence from the Lions of Raz Tafari.  Raz Tafari (a direct descendent of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and their offspring, Menelik I) would go on to become Haile Selassie and establish a colony of genetically distinct Black Maned African Lions in the capital of the oldest known human civilization, Addis Ababa.
Any team preview of The Lion’s Den would be remiss not to give props to some our founding bowling influences…Supah Deep first and foremost – you know who you are, Bijou Lowrie the Alaskan Assassin and her compadres Ovary Action and the Juice Box, Electric Moyhem the original Grandy Oat along with Razor the Lazor, Silver Fox and the Foxy Lady, Jasmine Jeanne, Jem sweet Jem, and of course the owner of the only 7-10 split pick-up in Bayside History, Colucci Kid – Gimme the Luch!!
The core four of The Lion’s Den in 2016 are: Rick Vaughn (the Lion of Judah), Cousin Zander/Not Drunk Just Drinking (the real Black Lion of New Hampshire), Das Ducken (Sheba, herself), and Mokiki (Panthera leo, master of the Sloppy Swish).  Ricky loves his new urethane hammer and will Ramrod it home against IBS in week 1.  Tha Cuz brings the fire of 1,000 Luke’s and like his new name suggests, he knows how to drink even better than the Leisure Trolls.  We got the Duck people – woman all-star in 2016 – you heard it here first.  Mokiki, well Mokiki doesn’t know how to dance, but that creep sure can roll.  The remainder of The Lion’s Den is to be determined….
Jah Raz Tafari.  Haile Selassie.  And Remember BoPo…if you come to The Lion’s Den….we don’t like bowling….we love it!
Lesbowlians – Thursday B: Captain – Tilt-A-Whirl

The Lesbowlians have been in BoPo since year 2. At the beginning we were lead by “Butch” (Alan Lindquist who passed away in 2015) The team has changed slightly from year to year, with 3 mates holding on as the originals from year 1! Tilt-a-Whirl, Downtown, and Ollie bubba have stayed strong and added some great players over the years. 

Since our first season we have added Stayfree, Beaver and Twisty treat. In 2016 we welcome our newest member Keg-linger. 

Of all the cool trophies given out at the end of the year, we have won none, oh wait….Alan did win “Best Dancer”, and we will probably never have a banner on the wall, but that doesn’t stop us from showing up and having a great time.   We have 4 ladies that are coming off solid Draft League seasons, and are excited to start bowling together again.  We have improved our team every year and like to think we are force to be reckoned with.   We look forward to many more years being a part of the BoPo Family!  Oh, and by the way, our new shirts are awesome!!!

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