Team Previews 9 & 10: BIB and B&B

The Bowled and the Beautiful – Thursday A: Captain – Saw

Always thirsty for lane oil, blood and beer, The Bowled and the Beautiful (Viking, Saw, Mister Mayor, Billy James, Jenerator and Beaujolais) are a team of champions. While the actual BoPo banner has eluded B&B, its members have enjoyed raising Draft League, Restaurant League, Casco Bay Sports and PortSports trophies in recent years. The addition of rookie-turned-all star Viking, in the 2015 season, bolstered an already solid squad whose only significant flaw has been the tendency to bowl down to weaker teams. Now even bolder and more beautiful, B&B looks to be meaner and, perhaps, drunker in 2016.

Back in Black – Tuesday A: Captain – Gutterboy

Born from the ashes of Team Micaela (BoPo IV), Back in Black was assembled as a juggernaut in 2012 adding to a list of strong new teams entering BoPo V. From the old house pro Stevie Strikes, the smooth as silk Bama, Mr. “Grabass” himself Guuterboi and G-Boi’s mom to a host of Stevie’s CL chicks, Back in Black was a team that was going to push the limits of the league in more ways than one. Although the inaugural season was a success BIB missed a trip to the finals by two pins. Over the past three season the team has made some moves and in 2013 BIB locked up the ultra competitive T-Square to close the revolving door of Craigslist hotties. 2014 saw the coming and going of Skippy Strikes and the going of his father, Stevie Strikes. In 2015 Guuterboi takes the reins and Bama recruits the beast Brooklyn to fill Stevie’s shoes and the rest is history. But just in case you don’t know BIB, in the last four seasons there have been 15 all stars, two league MVPs, a playoff MVP, a two time Kingshit, a top dog, a couple 2v2 champs, two 1st round draft picks and two BoPo banners. Oh, and one Cheerleader award (my personal favorite). Forgive me if I didn’t cover them all. BIB goes unchanged into 2016 looking for three out of four.

3 thoughts on “Team Previews 9 & 10: BIB and B&B

  1. Missed Connection:

    We made eye contact for an instant in the unisex bathroom at Bayside Bowl. You smiled and handed me a paper towel when I mentioned how oily the lanes were that night. I have to admit I was tipsy on Mooseheads and feeling a bit randy… we had a laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Wish I had the presence of mind to give you my number… or even just my bowling name. Meet me in the party pit this Thursday… I don’t mind walls…

    1. I didn’t wanna wake up
      But then I felt your touch
      Now I notice that I drink too much
      And the turning of the universe oh

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