Team Previews 11 & 12: Granola Rollers and Bingas

Granola Rollers – Thursday B: Captain – Silver Fox

The Granola Rollers are back in action with some new faces and reinvigorated enthusiasm!  This season The Silver Fox is the team Captain, with Foxy Lady and the Colucci Kid helping to steer the ship.  We are very lucky to have Grandyoats Granola sponsoring our team again this year and Chief Granola Officer Randy Goats hitting the lanes.  We all love us some granola and nuts!  SoPo hits BoPo in a big way this season, with The Love Muscle, Ebowler, Sugar, Herschel and Herschel’s Kisses.  This Willard Beach crew knows how to party.  Together we’re The Granola Rollers and we are psyched to dish it out!
Bingas – Tuesday A: Captain – Jamaican Jerk
First of all, to understand what happened to Bingas, you gotta understand who Bingas the team was!Bingas was born in year one of Bowl Portland originally named “Bingas Wingas” and captained by arguably the best captain in Bowl Portland, Danny Diesel. With Portland reggae legend Hot Mango Mike by his side, They had a good first season. Bingas has always had deep roots in combining skilled bowlers with a good time.In the 2nd year of BoPo the owner of Bingas Wingas came to me (the Jamaican Jerk) and said “I want a Bowl Portland championship”. So that year we changed our name from Bingas Wingas,to Bingas Ringas and I joined the team. Danny lead us to go undefeated to win Bingas first and only banner (for now). My first year of BoPo changed my life and reminded me how much I truly enjoyed bowling. I would go on that season to win the first of my 3 “Top Dawg “awards.The following year Bingas was riding high. We picked up two of the leagues top women Chernobylayne and Valley Girl. Tuesday nights were full of partying, fun, and bowling. My group of “fly girls” cheering and holding up signs was a common sight. With such bowling fame came responsibility and I needed a manager. That’s where Cookie comes into the picture. Bingas went undefeated that year until we lost in a black light lit, rock and bowl, game three of the championship, to team BEER. Thus starting an age
old rivalry laced with partying and digging deep when it counts.With the birth of Bayside Bowl, Danny Diesel went on to captain a new team and Bingas Ringas went threw some big changes. One of which was changing the name to just Bingas. With a core emphasis on respecting our opponent, good sportsmanship and having fun, the Bingas family grew. You may notice a Rasta flag draped on our bench at every match. Each week everyone is encouraged to bring 1 sometimes 2 “jah-ferings”. These are symbols of our day, week, or self. Before, during and after our games we draw energy and talk about said jah-ferings. Jah is always in our corner and guides us. Our rasta flag of Jah also gives back. BoPo use to do 50/50s to help offset the cost of the Bowlers Ball. We would buy tickets for the team, always giving one to Jah. The one time Jah won,as planned, we donated the $ to local food pantry ,the Good Shepherd food bank.

Still on board was female superstar and man-eater Chernobylayne. With positive energy and belief in all of us,she has helped Bingas persevere in tough times. Mix that with her laser beam accuracy it is no wonder why she is a such a key part of the team. Then there is BoPo veteran Hot Mango Mike, he brings an eruption every time he gets up to bowl, always raising our team energy to new heights. New to the team as a bowler, was my long time manager and Chernobylane’s now husband, Cookie. Bringing heart, attitude and killer dance moves to the squad, Cook has proven himself to be a key player. In later years  Cook and I would go on to win a 2v2 championship. Another addition to Bingas, BoPo, and bowling all together was Genral Tso. Tso had a true love of bowling from the get go and it showed in the hours of practice put in. His youthful energy and endurance has pulled the team through long playoff nights. That year he went on to win the “Rookie of the Year” award and proved himself a crucial part of the team. The last new member was PB&Jenny. Jenny’s care free spirt and determined mindset is just what Bingas needed.

In late 2014 with myself and Tso by her side, Chernobylane captained a championship winning draft league team. In 2015 Bingas had the opportunity to bowl against PBA team Philadelphia Hitmen on ESPN. We became quick friends with the legendary Hall of Fame bowler Norm Duke and with him on our side, we were victorious. Dubbed the “team of destiny” Bingas made an epic run to the BoPo championship that same year only to fall short with a loss in the finals against BoPo greats BiB.

After many rounds of shots, dance-offs, beer frames, melt downs, parking lot breaks, roll-offs, great wins, and humbling losses we find Bingas in this 2016 season. PB&Jenny relocated, still on the team, but will roll much less. Filling in that void is BoPo female all-star Knuckles. Fitting in like a glove, Knuckles brings a masterful shot and a pure natural energy. She is no stranger to high games and high scores. Its safe to say the 2016 Bingas team is a thoroughbred party team, but I feel the word “team” does no justice. Through all the adversity over the years Bingas has become more of a family. Our true power comes not from bowling skill, but from harnessing the love and respect that we have for each other and the game. When playing the red eyed,iron-lung bowlers known as Bingas, be sure to tell your babysitter she will be there late. The bowling and laughs will go on well into the night, but it will all be worth it.

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    1. Usually I wouldn’t even acknowledge a coward such as yourself.I have zero respect for those who hide behind fake names .But to answer the question,Absolutely not true.The reason I signed peebz is because we needed a bad ass woman to fill in our team. And peebz was her.

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