Team Writeups 17 & 18: Bowldozers and UREA!

Bowldozers – Thursday A: Captain – Shifter Pawl

TDYOB went back to the original squad, and the rest of the players needed to find a home.  Pistol Pete, Senator ITZ and I decided to build a team.  ITZ (In The Zone) floated the idea of bringing in one of his friends who grew up in a family-owned center but took 20+ years away from the game.  So after a long off-season and much anticipation, we finally met Mystery Powers, and she has been a great fit from the start.  I had the opportunity to win a draft league championship with this young gun named Crackerjack, and the team obviously wanted him as well.  There were some tense moments and backroom deals, but Crackerjack ended up committing and now we had our ace.  We were then down to looking for our last lady and after considering exactly what we needed, everyone agreed that Nutter Gutter (soon to be Mo-$)  would be a perfect fit.  We asked her and she wanted in!

Pistol and ITZ have been a consistent force in this league and both add a heft of depth. We all know what Crackerjack can do.  Mo-$ will be our glue and has been putting up great numbers since her lesson with Walter Ray Williams, Jr.   I have only bowled with Mystery Powers a couple of times, but she has lived up to the the hype and has a great vibe around her.  Personally, I’ve had a problem with making a whole season for many years now, and this one will be no exception.  I recently broke my plant leg in two spots requiring surgery and am expected to miss at least the first half. This will certainly allow me to focus more on coaching and team continuity.

We put together a great group with 4 out of the 6 team members already having been on Teams of the Year.  Thursday A is a fun, competitive night, and we plan to contribute.  See you on the lanes.

UREA! – Thursday A: Captain – J-Bird

UREA!’s inception was in 2008 at Yankee Lanes where we bowled like newbies, slogged it off, and turned to the better angels of our nature. Born of Artist & Craftsman employees united by the common calling of selling a bovine desiccant dye-set made of wee, the original roster for the yellow squad was Tecumseh, Knuckles, J-Bird, and high-roller T-$ (of childhood Channel 4 bowling fame). The early years were a little milk-toast, but upon moving to Bayside we cultivated two of the best lady bowlers in the league: Knuckles and, later, UREA! introduced Brandy (playing under the early, ignominious name Steff Infection). After cruising through a B League season FTW the team was honored with a bump to Class A competition. There UREA! picked up Purple Nurple, continuing a tradition of incubating some of the most devoted BoPo-ers in the league (both Brandy and Nurple would go on to work at the lanes). Somewhere in there T-$, UREA!’s “200 star,” bowled left-handed with an injured wrist for a full season–racking big numbers all the same. Last year saw the addition of a strong contender in Cro Magnon, and the recruitment of Anal Lenoxxx and Seashellz…in one of my personal favorite juxtapositions.

This season UREA! welcomes new recruits Automatic and Sally Bowles. Cro Magnon and Anal Lenoxxx will be returning alongside staples T-$ (who remains one of the best bowlers in the league) and J-Bird (of former Best Captain award fame). Coming at you, BoPo 2016, with spirit in spades.

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