Team Writeups 21 & 22: Pud’s Taxi and Incredibowls

Pud’s Taxi – Thursday B: Captain – Crips, aka Bullet

Well, here we go again!  Many of you may know us!  Every year we morph into the best team ever.  Crips/bullet here, and Captain by default.  I am the only active ‘original’ roller on the team and I’m here to tell you we will win a game this year!   If not, I may switch hobbies.  
Our team!
(still sifting thru the stacks of wannabees)  But, I can introduce the four of us.  Crips/bullet, not sure of my persona this year but leaning toward Crips.  (I had more strikes and no expectations back then…it worked) And, I will sport my bowl-mania shoes, my ‘slow and low ball’ and my smooth delivery to bust up the those pins.  So watch out!!
Next, we have White Fang.  Alls I can say is if she’s on fire, get yourself outta the way!  She can make the strikes happen and we are counting on her positive vibrations to bless our lane each and every week!  Buddha spells and progression….just sayin!
Shortyyy started last year and by the end of the season she had her roll DOWN.  She is a force to be reckoned with and can make those pins bust into pieces when she doesn’t cross the line. She’s consistent and rumor has it the turkeys are ready to cackle!!!
Brand new this year we welcome Birdie to our team.  I have nothing to say about birdie’s bowling.  (yet)   I hope she has fun and her ball flys down the lane with determination and magic because we need some high scores.
So, the last two players are a mystery at this point.  Whoever they are, We, as a team, promise to ‘bring it on’ every week with fun, love and superior sportswomanship!!
Incredibowls – Tuesday B: Captain – God of Thunder

A BOPO presence since season 2, the Incredibowls made the journey to Bayside from Yankee Lanes.

Original members Boston and Sweet Baby Lou are the backbone of this team, who were there at the beginning, when in their first year, as 19th seed, made the final eight and came 10 pins away from a final four appearance.

Media league earbud champ, God of Thunder, joined the bowls three years ago, becoming captain two years ago when Boston took a break for fatherhood. He grabbed Spidey from Media league rivals WPFO, and along with WGME teammate Jbanana, took the Tuesday B title last year.

The team welcomes newcomer Thoodle, a mysterious Boston recruit. Early scouting says she is a force to be reckoned with.

Spidey , Boston, and God of Thunder have new balls, and have seen improvements in scores over the summer and in Draft league. Jbanana has Adele tickets, so shes pretty pumped!  Sweetbaby Lou has the same ball, the same awesome throw, and a new shirt!

New balls , new shirts, the same half cocky attitude, some awesome dance moves, and a love of draft beer and Miller Highlife will once again propel this team to the top of Tuesday, only to be blown out by an A team one or two matches later.

Its all about fun, beer, and TOTS! (The official potato of the Incredibowls)

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