Big New Game

For years we have done the 2v2 finals before the BoPo finals.  Last year was kind of cool with women and men playing simultaneously, but I think this year’s change is going to be a good one.  Instead of playing on finals day, the 2v2 semis and finals, both men and women, will be played the Sunday before.  So, Sunday April 17th.  That day will be all about doubles.

What about BoPo day?  Well there is a new game being added to the mix.  The B Division Championship.  Don’t panic, all B teams are still in the main BoPo playoffs.  But preceding the Finals, the Tuesday B champ and Thursday B champ from regular season will play a match for the B Title, complete with a cup and champagne to drink out of it.  If one of the B division champs reached the main BoPo finals, then the 2nd place B team from that division would take their place in the B Title game.  The B Title cup will live on the trophy case with the other BoPo trophies.



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