Brace Yourselves, There Are 13 More Week of This

That was an excellent opening week, perhaps the best ever.  The energy was great!  I don’t know that I’d be able to sustain that party pace, 2 nights a week, all winter, but will be fun to try!

Oh, and my best week ever for predictions, 22-1.  I fogot to write up one game (sorry Granola and Pinny Candy) and got the one wrong that started with the line “I already know I’m getting this one wrong.”  Another week like that and I’ll have my own ads on late night sports radio.  GUARANTEED WINNERS! LOCK OF THE WEEK! LOCK OF THE CENTURY!!!!!

Game of the Week

(LATE) #3 Turkey Club (1-0) -1 vs Binga’s (1-0): This has always been a lively rivalry, involving mascot shenanigans reminiscent of college pranks.  I picked the Club to go 12-0 so I’m not going to back away from that this early.  They also are prepared for whatever Binga’s throws at them after Hazzard already took a 25 minute safety break on them.  They should be thanking Uncle Jesse for the Biga’s game prep.  Oh, and E-Minor has a ride home, so look for him to blackout by 9.  As for Binga’s, a 9 year old kid at the bowling tourney I was at today said about last year’s PBA at Bayside show “did you see the guy that did the backflip?”  I said “Yeah, that’s my friend Justin, or General Tso”. The kid’s eyes widened and he said excitedly “You KNOW him???!!!”  Yeah, Tso is kind of a big deal.

Early Games

Cape Fear (0-1) -1 vs Off Constantly (0-1): OC kind of got fed to the lions in week 1 (not Oolie’s excellent youtube video to the Lion’s Den type of lions, I mean real people eaters).  They rolled decently but Back In Black was out to celebrate their new banner by posting ridiculous scores.  Cape Fear is certainly a step below BIB, but OC needs to stay sharp or they will lose this one.  That’s what I think happens, they relax a bit after facing the champs. Cape Fear is putting out a  whole new energy this year, and if you haven’t read their writeup you should, it’s good stuff.  I think South Paw will go off in this one and grab a win.

Body English (1-0) -1 vs Ball That (0-1): Ball That took this matchup last year, and they roll in with some confidence even at 0-1 since they bowled pretty well.  Samsquampch is looking pretty impressive up there in the 200 average neighborhood.  BEER didn’t have any particularly special bowling performances, but have a the best team vibe they’ve had in years which I generally think translates into more wins.  Of course even when it doesn’t it’s a total blast.

Wrecking Balls (0-1) -1 Whoomp (0-1): Dude’s Wreck deprived me of my perfect record, but I’m going to pick them again.  They should bowl a little better and Whoomp is still getting their feet under them.  Whoomp does know now that games start 15 minutes earlier than they did in Wednesday league so they should be on time for this one.

Budweisers (0-1) -3 vs Three Livers (0-1): The Buds made their A debut this year, but turns out they missed their old pals in Tuesday B and were happy to move divisions to reignite old rivalries.  Sir Marks A Lot should battle Bernie for top points.  Sameltoe made her BoPo debut too and should have a great time matching up with the veteran ladies of the Livers.

Strikes on Tap (0-1) -3 vs Pinups (0-1): Both teams had pretty good starts that fell just short.  Strikes on Tap (the team formerly known as Nutz) looks like a potential B contender under The Cleaner’s leadership, but could use an early win.  The Pinups got a great week out of Manson and look much more lively than the last few years’ version.  Hoping these guys buy each other shots and stuff.

Lesiure Rolls (0-1) -3 vs Cunning Linguists (0-1): A couple of Thursday teams venture over to get a taste of Tuesday action.  The Rolls put up a good fight against the dangerous looking Y&B2 crew, led by Captain Insanal’s big 208 average.  The Linguists did, in fact, field a team, and had several familiar faces, seemingly only missing Roo and Dill.  Any team with La Gatita is a solid team, and they’ll win some games but this one might not be the one.

Late Games

#1 Back in Black (1-0) -5 vs Sons of Danarchy (0-1): Dang, it doesn’t get any easier for S.O.D.  After opening against this year’s new contender, SauPo, they play the defending champ and 2nd highest average team in the league.  They’re getting their licks in early.  S.O.D. returned Valley Gurl and she protected her house with a couple 200 games in a  big early showdown between ladies that will contend for Top Dog.  S.O.D.’s ladies could keep this one closer than the line, but the BIB3 look too locked in to pick against right now.

Incredibowls (1-0) -3 vs Splits Happen (1-0): The Incredibowls look like strong contenders to make the inaugural B title match.  They started with a nice win and the top average in B.  Spidey delivered on my prediction and I think he’s just going to get better from here.  Splits Happen has been finding ways to win the last couple seasons and certainly don’t mind entering games as underdogs.  Newcomer Tinderella has a shiny 198.5 average after one week, we’ll see if that is an anomaly or a sign of things to come.

#5 Saucy Posse (1-0) -3 vs Strikes of Hazzard (0-1): LB Davenport just had a nice tourney run this weekend and started to think that he bowls better sober.  Well, I’d be stunned if was sober for this one.  This is a a giant party tidal wave coming over from South Portland to get crash down in our neighborhood.  Oh, and it’s a late game so if both teams are up for it, 15 minute safety meetings are totally fine.  I’m guessing this one gets a little crazy, but there’s a really good game underlying the madness.  I’ll take SauPo when the dust settles.

BILF (1-0) -1 vs No Eye Deer (0-1): Tush Christ is on this week’s podcast and though he doesn’t know who you are, BILFs (or any other team, or Pete Weber – is he a golfer?), he is still coming for you.  Watch your smack backs.  Cap’t Collection got his team off to a nice winning start and he’ll counter TC’s energy with the strike-celebrating DeLoose Cannon.  Pull up a chair and watch this one, you will have a very good time.





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