Private Party

SO tonight we have one of those interesting split personality nights at Bayside Bowl.  We have a private event from 5:30-730, should be very tame.  Then we open the doors to BoPo for a full house of 8 pm games.  So, with only one shift, make it count!  Tampon Santa is the leader in the clubhouse this week with a 34 shot Tuesday tab.

Also, please check the updated schedule online.  I was able to move a number of Thursday teams back home to Thursday games instead of on Tuesday or Friday.

Oh, and on a serious note, be respectful to the servers that are working hard to help you enjoy the BoPo party.  This won’t matter tonight, but when there are two shifts give them time to clean the lane pair before grabbing the benches for second shift.  If you’re one of those bowlers bringing bags of equipment, make sure to keep it in your area and not in the walkway by the ball racks.  Most importantly, don’t be gross.  Seriously, what on earth makes you think the servers want to hug you?  Just be a good person…thanks.

Game of the Night

Young & Bowled 2 (1-0) -3 vs Guns of Brighton (0-1):  Y&B are going to be a team to reckon with this year, at least in terms of wins and losses.  When Captain Shifter injured himself saving that puppy, his golden armed rookie Crackerjack took it upon himself to bring in a second ringer – Glossy Mexican.  They already had newcomer Mystery Powers who looks like a potential women’s top dawg contender.  Those three outside pros combine well with Pistol Pete, Senator Itz and Mo $, the last two keeping the party going even as the strikes are falling all around.

GOB is the all-mechanic team this year.  While rookie Holden Green got off to a bad start I’d guess he doesn’t even remember being at the lanes that night.  Invisible Hand is now the Big Man with Pickles gone, and he stepped up with a couple nice 200 games to kick the season off.  Seatown is always strong, and Nurple had a solid opening night.  They are good enough to knock off the big teams now and then.  Plus Hand may want a little vengeance for some illicit YB2 drilling.  Nobody breaks into Hand’s house and gets away with it.


Happy Hands (1-0) -5 vs Puds (0-1): A bit of a clash in styles, but both these teams seem to appreciate the diversity of BoPo and have a good time regardless.  Pud’s is now in year 2 of the bullet reign and they have been excellent league members, involved and bringing their own party.  HHP is old school, with many of their members having played all 9 years.  They’ve seen both Pud’s iterations.  In terms of bowling they should cruise Max Ship-style to a victory.

LOS (1-0) -5 vs Tattoos and Titties (1-0): Give him credit where it’s due – Cheese was clutch last week picking up a must have 10th frame double to win over a fun, game Guacabowle crew.  Oh, and LOS did play everyone twice, so, kudos.  They face another team that is built the right way to challenge them (be under the radar and bring your own party energy) but not quite as strong as last week’s opponent.  Rubbys has to work after, and while he may hate that it limits his drinking, he also may find that as a one time only deal his scores skyrocket sober (I know, not worth the trade-off).  Ralphie is bringing the fire as Captain and has her team aiming to please.  They’ll have fun but LOS will have the victory.

Bowlderdash (0-1) -1 vs Roll Another (0-1): This one could be pretty quiet, but that doesn’t mean the teams aren’t enjoying themselves.  Roll Another is 9 years into quiet and they clearly are having a good time back again.  Bowlderdash isn’t so much quiet as reserved, but I think they could bust out into a chorus of shouting ina tight match or if Boys McCracken were to put up a monster game.

DHD (1-0) -1 vs Pinny Candy (1-0): This a pretty good matchup on paper.  Both teams have some political prowess, both are 1-0 and the kind of team that could make a surprise run at the Thursday B title.  Hark attack led DHD in their opening week with some really nice bowling.  Pinny Candy has some ability too, and Pay Day will be psyched to know there are no early games in front of him tonight, just a private party, so games will begin right on time.

Lesbowlians (1-0) -3 vs Granola Bowlahs (0-1): Look who’s in 1st place!  Show them your kitties, it’s the Lesbowlians.  It has been a multi-year building process but this franchise looms like it may be ready to contend, and it’s all been built from within.  Granola makes the long trip from SoPo and Cape over for their nights on the lanes so they are in it to win it.  I wonder if they have to draw short straws for DD.  They have a shot in this one, but maybe Lesbowlains are my team of destiny this year.


2 thoughts on “Private Party

  1. Also please do not try and claim Sloppy’s tab as your own. That is Thursday night showing Tuesday how we roll.

    The people of Thursday night hath spoken.

  2. Hungus we the people of Thursday night do not hug, we grind. Surely this must have been meant for the miscreants of Tuesday night? We hug our husbands, wives, and teammates. For we do not perv on thy neighbor unless thy neighbor hath perved upon us first, and thusly made it explicitly clear that such perving is not only a wanted advance, but a mandatory advance. For when we wake up it is Friday. The weekend is all that we will be hugging after slinging strikes and booze. Thursday hath spoken. No do not admonish us for our brothers and sisters (most likely hairy handed brothers) of Tuesday nights transgressions, rather bask in the glory of our awesomeness. Thursday night has spoken.

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