All Systems Go

This season is off to a raucous start.  The djs have been great, the teams are partying and dancing (and bowling well), the podcast is pushing 2 hours, the lines have been meaty, the servers have been on point, we have tot frames and I’m 51-13 on my predictions.  This week we’re really going to amp up the lucky train.  The lucky train will run once each shift on Tuesday and Thursday, and will deliver  a pitcher of moosehead, but it will also deliver something bigger.  The four winners will have their names put into a drawing on the next podcast, and the name drawn will win a free spot in the PBA Pro-Am on March 31st. That’s a $150 prize!

Lot’s of great contests early this week…

Game of the Night


My Balls (2-0) -1 vs No Eye Deer (2-0): This game will go a long way toward deciding the B crown.  The Incredibowls have been dominant early but there are four teams that look like they could hang with them, the winner of this one having an early leg up.  Disco Welder seems to be focused more on her coaching this year, and it is paying dividends.  With Tush Christ taking the spotlight and putting the pressure on himself it opens the door for Burt The Bandit and Honey Bear to just roll their games under the radar.  The internal battle for playing time keeps them all sharp.  My Balls saw the return of BoPo co-founder Bubbles last week after a long haitus, and they won (again).  Wej will be ready for action this week and probably have his competitive fires stoked by some smack board action.  He’ll need his captain Barry Violet back in action but I expect that to happen.  Looks like a great game, very evenly matched.

Early Games

Off Constantly (2-1) -1 vs Bingas (1-2): It’s been a long time since I would have imagined making OC a favorite in this matchup, but here we are.  I will say the game being early is the difference maker for me in this one.  Busta was a beast last week on the early with a couple 240s.  Binga’s is a little out of their element.  Jerk will love the early lanes too and can keep up with anything OC throws at him, but a resurgent Oz really adds another element.  Oz vs Jerk, an old school classic.  Binga’s Chernobes and Knuckles give them an advantage in most games, but Honey Bunny (if she’s back from Jamaica) has been excellent, and Coucou (if she hasn’t retired) has too.  Nubes and Cookie will battle in the leadoff slot all night, to a draw I presume.  If OC is fully staffed, though, I see them pulling this out by a hair.

#3 Yahtzee (2-0) -3 vs BEER (2-1): The second game post Cheddar for Yahtzee.  They move back to early where they put up some insane numbers in Week 1.  Sparkles has just averaged a 700 series this weekend in his doubles matches, and Tango is near the top of the average board.  BEER will have a slight advantage of having a short bench for this one with just 5 rollers, including their top 3 in average, plus it’s wig week for the team.  Brandy vs Lala will be a fun battle to watch, and Slow Roll is bowling for 2 against Rotini.  Yahtzee should pull it out if they aren’t looking ahead to next week’s BIB showdown.

THURSDAY GAME: Roll Another (2-1) -13 vs Pud’s Taxi (0-2): Not too much to say about this travel game.  Both teams keep to themselves a bit so they shouldn’t be impacted one way or another by playing on a new night.  Pud’s has yet to record a point.  Roll Another often screws with my predictions, but pretty sure they’ll win this no matter how they roll, and be off to a nice 3-1 start.

Wrecking Balls (1-2) -3 vs Pinups (0-3): The Dude and Lulu return from Mexico for the Wreck, presumably Zika free.  They’ll get a push from Manson who has been playing great for the Pinups, but they should have enough team firepower to pull this out even they post a few more 60s and 70s.  Interesting note, if my predictions are correct then Hungus would be the only Mitchell sibling to lose on Tuesday.

#1 Back in Black (3-0) -9 vs Ball That (0-3): This looks like a pretty big mismatch.  At least Samsquampch is back in town (I think), and he shockingly has a better average than Guterboy or Bama so far.  He’ll need a ton of help from Twinkle Toes, Gutterlicious will need to crush G-Bois Mom, and Rowengartner will need a career game to make this one close.  B.I.B. seems almost certain to just keep marching on.

Late Games

Sharks and Strikes (1-1) – 3 vs Strikes of Hazzard (0-3): Hazzard is snake bitten at 0-3, and now look to get shark bitten.  They had their top lineup show for last week but still couldn’t pull out the win.  Is this all some sort of crazy karmic response to not inviting T-Club out to join them for their week 1 safety meeting?  Sharks And Strikes look to grab their first win as a member of A.  I’ve heard rumblings that Railroad will be in town for this one and I’m banking on it for this prediction.  Ringwald is bowling great too.

Sons Of Danarchy (1-2) -3 vs Cape Fear (1-2): Both of these teams broke into the win column last week and look to even their records.  SOD has been led by sensational bowling from Valley Girl Jess and McStriker.  Cape Fear got 200’s from Soccer Dad and both Paws in a thrilling win last week.  Danny Diesel will get to face his Cape demons in this one, though his sister Bacon has given up the reins.  Night Nurse has these guys playing loose and playing to win…I think they’ll push SOD but not quite get there.

Budweisers (2-0) -5 vs ICBING (1-1): Maybe that opening night loss, later expunged, in A division helped Budweisers.  They’ve won both B games, including a rally over BILF last week for a big 8-7 victory.  They should break out their Bud balls for this late game to keep them on the lane.  Looking forward to seeing what ICBING has in store for these guys this week.  Will anyone be crazy enough to salmon Pickup Truck? Let’s hope not.

Whoomp (0-3) -3 vs Three Livers (0-3): Battle at the bottom.  3 Livers did get a 200 from Bernie last week but that was their only point.  They are in their 9th year and have seen it all, and are maintaining their party.  Whoomp is looking for their first BoPo win in franchise history.  If they don’t get it here they could be chasing for the rest of the season.  I think they get it.

Strikes on Tap (2-1) -1 vs Splits Happen (2-1): I like this match a lot.  Splits usually thrives on being the underdog so I’ll set them up in that position again.  This feels like the week Xander busts out with a bunch of 200s.  Strikes on Tap has the 3rd best average in B and look like a pretty competitive squad in their first season under The Cleaner.  We have yet to get a bowloff this season…this could be the one, fingers crossed!





6 thoughts on “All Systems Go

  1. I can’t recall ever being this worked up about being on a bye. Its as if symptoms of with drawl have already started occurring. Unconsciously stood up this morning and shouted ”beer frame” in the middle of a conference call, slapped the lunch lady a BIG TIME high five on that perfect checkout, and now I find myself running the halls looking for Dick Dijor so I can salmon the shit out of him [ :^O]–[

    1. I’m left here wondering about last night, did Bingas beat Off Constantly? Sure, everyone is capable of Beating Off constantly, but to complete the task is rare.

    2. To be clear, the only “symptoms of with drawl” in this league are experienced by those marble-mouthed Johnny Rebs on Strikes of Hazzard.

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